IMR powder recall

IMR Powder, a subsidiary of Hodgdon Powder Company, announced a product recall and safety warning for its IMR 4007SSC rifle cartridge reloading powder. The company says certain batches of the powder are unstable and can spontaneously combust.

Yikes. Spontaneous combustion is a rather undesirable characteristic in a gun powder. I don’t remember seeing 4007 SSC in my manuals, and don’t have any. I use several other IMR and Hodgdon powders though. They’ve always worked well, and my family armory has yet to explode.


2 thoughts on “IMR powder recall

  1. Will have to keep an eye on their website. I use several IMR powders. Notably IMR 4064 for a lot of loadings. Last thing I need if for that stuff to start giving me problems!

  2. 4007 is a new product.

    imr 4064 has been around for ages. good powder. one of the best for an accuracy load in the .308 winchester. no need to worry, no need to start rumors on something.

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