90% of Professors Self-Censoring

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Paul Lazarsfeld and Wagner Thielens Jr. surveyed almost 2,500 professors right in the middle of the Red Scare on whether or not they were self-censoring in light of the political climate. Nine percent of professors said they were, which by historical standards is really quite bad. Today, in 2023, that number is almost 90%.

Greg Lukianoff
September 25, 2023
The new Red Scare taking over America’s college campuses

And what was the self-censor rate in the USSR? My guess is 99.9% or higher. It is what communists do. They have to do this because the system is so broken it can only exist upon lies. The truth must be censored to avoid the abandonment and/or destruction of the communist organization.

A good rule of thumb is that the more acceptable censorship, the more the society depends upon lies to exist.


4 thoughts on “90% of Professors Self-Censoring

  1. Looks like the red scare, “witch hunts”, weren’t nearly scary enough. J6 comes to mind. The worstest terrorism ever! One has to marvel at something played to be so massive on our psyche. Didn’t even slow the commies down. The crusades come to mind. As they didn’t go nearly far enough did they?
    The real red scare is coming. They will be the one’s pushing it. And it will be bloody.
    Were just waiting for the Mao or Stalin to lead them.
    As for colleges, if your willing to be bought and paid for in the first place? Just like prostitution, price is the principal.
    And college professors don’t give it up cheap. But it seems to me a lot of the “censorship”, they suffer is for money.
    And they’re the one’s creating the red guard generation. For a profit.
    I’m almost positive that no doctors involved in child trans-gender mutilation surgeries are doing so for free?
    Same-same for college professors teaching crap they know will not work. No one has a real gun to their head.
    Censored my ass, their sicko’s playing god most of the time.

    • Yes, they are doing this subversion (or is it subornation?) for the same reason they condemn their opponents for.
      I agree that McCarthyism and the effort to purge that well-paid purveyor of degeneracy, Hollywood also didn’t go far enough.

      There were communist spies and influencers in the State Department, McCarthy saw the Venona Decrypts, (or a very cunning Communist spy showed him evidence of how the State Department was corrupted and told him this is secret and he can’t say where he saw it).

      As for Academia, I remember one professor who said of the Cold War, “Give the Soviets Credit for being Scared.”.
      Curiously, the same consideration was not given for the Americans and the Democracies also being scared, considering the Soviet Spies were spying on their allies during the recent war, and before, or with regard to the attack that apparently caught the American Navy flat-footed and asleep at Pearl Harbor (not to mention the Nihau Incident), which resulted in the Japanese Internment Camps .
      Americans are not only supposed to be perfect and know better, they are supposed to perfectly know the third and fourth order effects in the future of all their actions.

  2. So, 9% of academics admitted to being Communists back in the 1950’s? I’m surprised it was so low. They took care of that in the decades following, of course.

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