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A Texas District Judge ordered Southwest Airlines to send three of its lawyers for religious freedom training after they fired a flight attendant who expressed religious views on social media.

District Judge Brantley Starr ordered on Monday that Southwest has to organize religious freedom training and send a short notice to all its flight attendants regarding the protections on religious speech, after a lawsuit filed by flight attendant Charlene Carter.

Jana J. Pruet
August 12, 2023
Southwest Ordered to Attend Religious Freedom Training

The backlash against wokeness is getting legal backing.

I wonder if other companies are picking up on the message?

I look forward to companies getting court mandated training on respecting people who exercise their rights under the 2nd Amendment.


5 thoughts on “Mandated Freedom of Speech Training

  1. That’s bullshit. Shouldn’t we be able to fire communists for their social media religious dogma? You want to be forced to let antifa work on your planes?
    If southwest don’t want christians around, fine, tell the world and stick to your guns on it.
    We don’t like christians, and we won’t have them anywhere in or around our aircraft. And we only hire affirmative action people here at southwest!
    Fly with pride! And satan! (Right into the ground.)
    Good flight attendants are always in demand, especially by airlines that want to make money more than doing evil.
    The problem isn’t religious bigotry, (which every christian should expect in this world.), it’s not enough free speech.
    Ask bud light.
    Southwest needs to paint their planes all rainbow colors and tell christian to F-off.

    • Nice argument. Exactly how many corporations do “we” control, that we could actually fire people from anyway?

      • Almost none. But that’s beside the point. Once Christians and people in general stop buying the crap along with the bullshit. (Because that’s all you get from converged companies.)
        The sooner customer oriented businesses will rise.
        SJW-ism is a corporate cancer. It can only destroy, and not build or maintain. Therefor it never lasts very long.
        Russian communism lasted what, 70 years? Chinese Communism was going to last about the same. But Nixon and American greed saved it.
        Cambodian communism took longer to create than it lasted.
        America being the land of armed rednecks? And the one’s that ain’t Christian certainly know what works and what don’t.
        Corporations are mostly crap anyway. We don’t need to control them. They need us.
        Till then were just going to have to endure flights with the angry Lizzo’s. Instead of the nice Christian ladies.

  2. That’s a start, but chances are those lawyers will do the same thing next time. What would be nice is if a judge would require both retraining and financial compensation for the victim of their contempt for the constitution on the first offense, jail for contempt of court on the second offense, and a permanent ban on taking fees for legal work or advice the third time.

    But 99% of judges are lawyers, and lawyers protect their own. It’s not going to happen until we’ve replaced most of them with people who never went to law school or took the bar exam.

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