The New Pill Found to Reverse the Aging Process

So when will this be available over the counter?

According to the new research, the scientists conducted a Nobel-prize winning discovery reprogramming cells to a more youthful state. Over the course of three years, following thorough investigations involving mice and monkeys, the researchers pinpointed a specific combination of drugs capable of counteracting cellular aging and rejuvenating cells. The “six chemical cocktails” indicates potential to reverse the aging process in under a week.

I love living in the future.


4 thoughts on “The New Pill Found to Reverse the Aging Process

  1. hi exciting stuff right i like david sinclair i have seen the articles about the six combinations from the study can’t wait to take this pill when it is developed and live a lot longer i am interested in this but i am not a scientist just somebody who really wants to benefit don’t mean to be a bother it is exciting this miracle drug seems to be very promising don’t you think

  2. I doubt it actually works as stated. And if by some chance it does everything related to it will be buried and those who know about it eliminated. The only people who will be allowed access will be the Uber rich and powerful. There simply isn’t enough resources on the planet to support the current population at the level of comfort they want. Eliminate the loss of population through death and the problem will increase exponentially. No…if there IS a “fountain of youth” medication it will NEVER see the light of day. It’s far more likely that this is propaganda to get people to voluntarily ingest a chemical cocktail to KILL them earlier and thin the herd…which the criminal elite want to impose on the world.

  3. The garden of Eden had a “Tree of Life”, in it. So no doubt there is a way to stop or maintain the aging process.
    But thankfully I’m going to be dubious of man and his inventions till the day I die. Which we all surely will. Regardless of what drugs were on.
    Like Dan, I just don’t trust the science/scientists anymore. Especially the medical ones.

  4. This will never, ever be available OTC for regular people.

    It will be available for only the extremely wealthy and highly connected “elite” class.

    You know, the same “elites” who go on about how the Earth is overpopulated, and how emissions cause climate change (all while flying on private jets to Davos and other remote places.)

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