Shrinkage by Three Sizes

Quote of the Day

Awe, is your dick going to shrink three sizes if they ban your preciouses?

Steve O’Malley @IrishHangover
Tweeted on July 7, 2023

It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

O’Malley must not be sharing the same reality with the rest of us. In my reality there are no standardized sizes for penises. That his reality is so obsessed with them explains why he thinks firearms are somehow related.


5 thoughts on “Shrinkage by Three Sizes

  1. MT-Tzu say; If enemy is making eunuch of himself, do not interrupt him. Smile at his wife, she will soon be smiling back.
    And Steve. BFYTW.

  2. Even with a three-size reduction, I’m sure mine is still bigger than his (not that it matters). And I still have my rifles.

  3. While amusing, you do seem to run across alot of these. Are they from ‘net wanderings, or do you run a 2A leftist honeypot?

  4. Do you think O’Malley is really Irish? You’d think someone descended from the Irish would know more about how Ireland was enslaved by the English.
    Maybe he’s a bell cow, leading the other cattle into the slaughterhouse.

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