Quote of the day—Damion @commiedamion

If your family “suffered under communism” that says a lot more about your family than it does about communism. Good people don’t suffer under communism – slavers and exploiters do.

Damion @commiedamion
Tweeted on August 19, 2022
[Wow! Just WOW!

Evil cannot flourish without believing it is doing good.

Prepare and respond appropriately.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Damion @commiedamion

  1. There is a divide in this country that reason can never breach.

    We are headed for a major derailment and the results will be horrific.

  2. Plenty of people were delighted to work for the SS; plenty of others were delighted to work as Gulag guards. It shouldn’t surprise us that some of them appear on social media.

    • It shouldn’t surprise us that some of them appear on social media.

      That’s the ‘verrry eeenteresting’ part of it.

      Are they simply stupid to so openly self identify, and paint a target on themselves for future action, or so confident in their future victory, they don’t care, or so confident that if they lose, they believe they’ll be immune to consequences?

      • I think they are confident of victory, and failing that, confident in being able to get away with it. For one thing, they know full well that their positions have the support of the owners of those social media platforms.

      • Your question presupposes they even thought about this aspect in the first place. I suspect in many cases self-reflection seldom happens.

  3. Damion thinks that as long as he works for the revolution, he will stay in the good graces of his imaginary friend whose name starts with “G” who is all knowing and all powerful yet all merciful. Little does he know that he is a Kulak hiding among the revolutionaries, and as soon as his services are needed in the Gulags, he will be there writing letters to “G” to explain that there must be some mistake, he always took the initiative to do something to further the revolution.

  4. Just another sign of the times. Those who are emotionally aligned with evil can plainly see that their side is gaining ground. At some stage, which is now, they feel confident enough to to start voicing their true beliefs.

    It’s not that those beliefs haven’t been among us all along. Oh no, I’ve heard crap like this since I was kid in the 1960s. And if you think about it, so have you! No, the commies, the true believers, have been among us since long before we were born, some of them just biding their time, being frustrated that their world view was so “oppressed” in America and the west, while others have been busy as bees getting us to this stage where a collapse of the entire Western (Protestant) world is inevitable.

    And as for the True Believers in the Glorious People’s Revolution; they’ll be the first against the wall once they’ve served their purpose. What they always fail to understand until it’s too late, is that they’re the biggest suckers, being played for the most cynical reasons for the most surreptitious and evil power-grabbers, slavers and exploiters ever.

    This points directly to a part of the Book of Revelation; Come out of Babylon, lest you partake of her sins and her plagues! But who cares about THAT anymore, right? Who, thousands of years ago, could have predicated exactly what’s happening today, how it would happen, and what the results would be?

    Who indeed.

    And yet we’re being told that “science” is doing exactly that, and that we should have faith in the white lab coats….or else!

  5. @commiedamion, hey?

    It’s nice that he makes it obvious.

    I don’t mind that he approaches communism from a purely theoretical perspective (as though it had never been tried); our colleges are full of idealistic young people who would sympathize.

    But he presumes to tell victims of communism that they are at fault, not the government they had the misfortune to live under. That’s victim-blaming, that’s gaslighting, and that’s evil.

    • This comment screams to me that this doofus had never actually experienced communism. He’s lived his whole life in the safety and comfort provided by a free capitalist society, and only daydreams of the “socialist worker’s paradise” that he read about in college. If he experienced true communism for 5 minutes, he’d crap his pants and curl up in the closet wishing it to go away.

  6. Ah yes. All good, and as it should be. Off to the range with me. Then home, clean guns. And get in a little reloading after dinner.
    Sharks got to swim, birds got to fly, and commies got to commie.
    I like paper plates as targets. There cheap. And if one can hit one at whatever distance one decides to shoot.
    You can be very confident at popping over-inflated egos at those same distances. Pay particular attention to your wind calls.
    Aim small, miss small, and let not your hearts be troubled friends!
    The world of Damion’s is always short lived!

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