Quote of the day—Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith

The big socialist talking points are justice and compassion.

The big socialist motivations are resentment and revenge.

The big socialist results are labour camps and mass graves.

Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith
Tweeted on August 15, 2022
[I would like to add that it seems the word “equity” is showing up a lot. And as I have pointed out before:

Full equality can only be approximated by everyone being in extreme poverty. Full equality comes with death. And it should come as no surprise the political left is well acquainted with death on a very large scale.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alice Smith @TheAliceSmith

  1. We’re headed towards that ‘poverty’ equity regardless of political leanings. Soon, the richest period of history will only be visible in the rear view mirror and we all will be scavenging for relics of the past and the energy to run them if we can find enough substance to remain alive. Of course, even then there will still be those who have more than others.

    • Yep, and the real surprise is when a certain group of people get tagged as “Useless Eliters”, by the “Useless Eaters”. Then hunt ruthlessly.
      There is a price to pay for killing that many friends and family. And starving people. All for fun, profit, and psychosis.
      We have almost everything we need to survive quite well. We just have a group of psychos running things.
      Once there gone. The rest will sort out in short order.

  2. Yes, well, once you realize that their talking points are all lies and nothing but lies, the mere bait disguising a barbed hook, then the motivations and results pretty much become obvious.

    Why is that charming serial killer charming you and lying to you, and if need be intimidating you? Well duh. He’s a bloody serial killer, and that’s what serial killers do.

    Not that it’s important, but the motivations also include extreme, uncontrollable greed and insatiable power-lust. I decided long ago that all leftists are motivated by a abiding and over-riding desire for the ever-increasing application of coercion. Thus they spend most of their time thinking about (and at times being very creative at it) how to expand, broaden, intensify and justify the use of coercion.

    We must of course include members of the Republican Party under the category of “leftists”, else we miss the point entirely. The rank and file, default and clueless leftists follow along to experience, vicariously, or by proxy, the emotional highs of exercising power, forcing others to their will so as to feed an ever-starving ego. Those on one party enjoy the high of “sticking it to” the clueless members of the other party, back and forth, all the while we fail to see how we’re being used. The temporary power-lust satisfaction high is the source of the ever popular phrase among the left, “Getting Things Done!” Thus when all is “done” that can be “done” we’ll all be dead, after being robbed of everything, raped, starved, humiliated and tortured.

    So what’s new? This story is as old as the hills, and therefore no one has any excuse for not being keenly aware of it. Literally, if you consider the flood of Noah’s time, that it significantly re-shaped the earth’s surface, this story is older than the hills! It started on Earth when Cain murdered Able, don’t you know. Nothing whatsoever has changed since, except that the Word (Christ) has now overcome all!

  3. The way I put it is similar: “The three pillars of communism are lying, stealing, and murdering”.
    To see these at work on a daily basis, just look at Putin. Or Xi, especially — he presides over an economy that is built on stealing the work of others and making cheap copies.

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