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Thursday, a typical day based on police reports and aid calls, there was one “drug-related casualty” down the block and a dozen other calls for either narcotics or “behavioral/emotional crisis.”

That same day, while I was there, a man collapsed face-first on the sidewalk around the corner from the now-shuttered Amazon Go. When I asked his mates if they needed me to call 911, they daubed the back of his neck with a wet T-shirt and said, “No, no, he’ll pop out of it.”

He did. Later, though, I saw him shouting and bashing a wooden pole against a Pike Street building front.

Police have been trying to crack down. One day a week ago they busted eight people here for selling fentanyl and meth. The futility was acknowledged right in the news release: The cops said they ran down a 16-year-old who was selling fentanyl and had a gun, only to realize they’d just arrested the same teenager, pushing fentanyl with a different gun, at the same Third and Pike corner a few weeks earlier.

Danny Westneat
August 13, 2022
There are sprouts of hope in downtown Seattle, but they are wilting
[Via a comment from Chet who said, in part, “I am reminded of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and other stories of wickedness including Proverbs 16:27-29 that I heard so often when I was growing up.”

What you see here is the result of politicians who are either out of touch with reality and/or deliberately trying to destroy our nation.

This is what Barb calls Mugme Street.—Joe]


10 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Danny Westneat

  1. Isn’t the current situation due, in part, to policies that Westneat has been supporting and pushing for decades?

    • Yep! That’s why I found this piece interesting and perhaps a glimmer of hope that failure will have some impact since our words just fall on deaf ears.

      The only way we will ever get back to a sane and moral society is for this one to fail and a phoenix to rise from the ashes. We’re well on our way to failure, but a phoenix is nowhere in sight. The odds favor continued failure.

  2. Come out of her my children, till the indignation be passed.
    And, when should Lot have left Sodom?
    Hard question. Sometimes no good answer.
    But big cities in general are coming to a head like a giant zit. Like it or not.

  3. There are solutions that are quick, cheap, effective, and nearly permanent. What they are not, though, is “nice.” The problem is that the “niceness” of homogenous Christendom has been hijacked and abused by certain people and weaponized to cause internal strife and problems. No solution that has been proposed and is “nice” or “humane” will solve the problem, because the the media has done a great job of pushing the message that confuses symptoms with the underlying problem.

    • Christians have elevated congeniality and empathy as the most important Christian values.

  4. The regressive wing of the democrat/communist party has demanded we honor and support the choices of nearly everyone: even the choices of pre-adolescent children to change their sex. Isn’t it time we honor the choices of drug users? They know to a certainty that their life style choice leads to overdosing and death and yet they choose to live it. We should honor their choice by restricting drug reversal treatments such as NARCAN to those administered by doctors, only after a full and thorough medical examination.

    • Works for me.

      I think we should let evolution do its thing and pass out lots of Darwin Awards in a very public manner.

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