Quote of the day—Kim Sill

We do not support those who believe that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons. If your beliefs are not in line with ours, we will not adopt a pet to you.

Kim Sill
Owner of Shelter Hope Pet Shop
Email sent May 31, 2022
[Via “We Will Grill You.” California Pet Shop Announces They Won’t Give You a Pet Unless You Support Gun Control

That makes her anti-SCOTUS and anti-American. That means she is also, probably inadvertently, pro rape, robbery, and genocide.

I’m sure the two legged predators will be far more interested in this bit of knowledge than the average gun owner.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kim Sill

  1. That is a new one, but it fits right in with all the other requirements. Adopting an animal in the leftist mega cities comes with lots of restrictions including a home inspection to insure that you will make suitable parents. Adoption fees often are in the thousands including rehoming fees, transportation fees, and vet services. And, of course, you have to sign a contract that you will provide it a carefree and happy life with medial care. In addition, you, as the parents, are expected to provide amenities including toys and education.

    It is all targeted at the élite leftist who worship all things created by our creator but not the creator. No animal farm for you! You do not have have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

  2. Dear Kim,
    I assume then that you do support those that would raid the homes of completely inoffensive, tax-paying gun owners. And shoot their dogs while raiding their lawfully owned property. Right?

  3. If one wanted to be devious – just because – one could agree with their statement and actually be 100% completely honest when averring that the 2nd amendment does not ‘give’ anyone anything.

    The amendment, as clearly explained in the Bill of Rights own preamble, is a restriction on goobermint, and, as the Supreme Court has stated on several occasions, the amendment did not grant RKBA, and it’s not dependent on the amendment for its existence.

  4. Sometime in the future is a cold hunger fill winter. And then we’ll find out whom or what is being grilled how.
    Trust me Kim. The pets go first. Then comes Bill’s bugs.
    You might want to invest in cook books? “Xi’s, How to Wok your dog.” Might be a good starter.
    And the French and Germans are good with “Roof Rabbit” (Cat),recipes from after WWII.

  5. This is another data point that shows we are living in the shadows of the left’s long game. It’s insidious and for every positive step we see in reclaiming our rights they take dozens most of which we don’t even notice.

    I will start to believe that we are getting our rights back when the pets start disappearing – that is if I am still here.

    • “I will start to believe that we are getting our rights back when the pets start disappearing.”
      Or they just moved in some refugees into your neighborhood? It might not have anything to do with freedom. Just free-range.
      The Hmongs that were brought here after Vietnam war. To this day rape the forests of Oregon and California. They kill anything that moves, glean mushroom beds to the point they will never return. And take every fish and crab they can get their hands on.
      They do it as a lifestyle. And fish & game looks the other way.
      That being said. Kim Sill is in for a big surprise in both gun control and pets.
      Winters coming.

  6. In an honest world with honest courts the solution would be to sue them for discrimination against people who practice a Constitutional right. The problem
    of course is the world is not honest and the courts are even LESS honest.

  7. I was associated with dog rescue and adoption for about two years. We fostered dogs and then turned them over when directed to do so by the organization. We merely fostered the animals until a suitable owner(s) was allowed to adopt.

    It’s heartwarming to help animals in need.

    However, we got out because the people associated with any kind of rescue are batshit crazy. Nearly all are single females with a college education and many hold down high paying jobs. A lot of them hold down blue collar jobs despite being a graduate.
    Note to self: Ethnic Studies sure looks good when applying for a volunteer position rescuing dogs- not so great when you are looking for a high paying and satisfactory career.

    Sadly, there are enough Kool Aid guzzlers out there to keep that Nazi bitch in business for a long time.

    Good for her?

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