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In order to obtain the permit, an applicant would have to show up with a firearm to demonstrate the ability to load, fire, unload, and store the firearm. But you can’t get a firearm without the permit. And under Oregon’s highly restrictive gun storage laws, no one can legally loan a firearm to another. That creates an impassable barrier.

Leonard Williamson
July 31, 2022
Oregonians to Vote on Gun Control Measure Opponent Calls ‘Strictest’ in the Nation
[You might be inclined to believe it was slopping drafting of the ballot measure. Others might be inclined to believe they really are just that stupid.

Many of them are suffering from Peterson Syndrome and cannot understand logical thoughts, so that may have contributed. But, overall, I’m inclined to believe they are so blinded by hate and prejudice they view obstacles such as this as features and not bugs.

I hope they enjoy their trials.—Joe]


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  1. Apparently Washington and Oregon are in a fierce competition to see which state can enact the most oppressive, ignorant, misguided gun control legislation possible.

    • Think of it as a war (which of course it is). Now think of the state governments as mid level commanders in that war, closer to the battlefront than five-star generals but not as close as squad level. They have an enemy (liberty) to defeat. They have only certain weapons, and only certain fighters, at their disposal. In this case their available strengths, their assets, are in their street agitators, their media shills, the public schools, and ultimately in passing laws and then getting as many as possible in the justice system to go along.

      To distill it down to the fundamentals; they have lies, threats and bribes, and that’s about it. They’ll use those assets in brilliantly contrived combinations, but they’re all they have. It’s not an easy thing for them.

      To understand their actions you must understand their position and situation. It’s what I’ve been referring to as “reconnoitering the tactical landscape”. They have a job to do. They have an enemy to defeat, and they’ll do whatever they can, every day, to fight that enemy with whatever assets they can muster, and ultimately to finish that job.

      And, as in any war ever, if they were to change their minds and start working for the enemy (those sickening advocates of liberty) they’d be in big trouble with their commanders! That too is a part of the tactical landscape, and I don’t think near enough of us appreciate it!

      Now, would you like to rephrase your statement a little bit?

      I’d say that the enemies of liberty are doing pretty well, given their situation, and given that (and I have some inside knowledge of this) their highest commanders know for certain that they will lose everything in the end.

  2. Oregonians are going to vote on it? Oh, that’s rich! Oregon has the mail-in voter fraud system the rest of communist America is trying to implement.
    Oregon was the beta-test. Where government votes for you, and they call it democracy.
    Oregon is what they will be doing to the rest of red-blooded America should they get a chance.
    They bring in foreigners (mostly Californian’s) legalize drugs, turn your sons into junkies, your daughters into whores, burn the place to ash, and claim you voted for it.
    The oligarchs run the power structure. And the cartels run the streets.
    No one in their right mind thinks Oregon is going to vote on anything.
    Oregon is the democracy the communists have always wanted.
    And quite frankly. Anyone in Oregon that’s doing what the government tells them is a moron.
    Remember what your mom told you about not jumping off a cliff because someone told you to? Ya, well Oregon did.

  3. I re-read most of your “A Process Failure” post. I don’t think it gives enough consideration to a simple “process” that I think explains a lot;
    We are often dealing with paid liars. Actors, essentially. A paid liar is gonna lie, regardless of the evidence or the moral arguments put in front of him. It’s his job. It’s his responsibility. Call them “professional advocates” or whatever you like. “Whores” works too. Or you can think of them as paid lobbyists, or advertising executives. The political sphere consists largely of such people. There’s no getting through to them because they aren’t there to be gotten though to. They’re there to promote an agenda, NO MATTER WHAT. To do otherwise would be to fail in their responsibility.

    In short; they have a job to do, and they’re going to do the job.

    Look for example at a Whitehouse press secretary. Any Whitehouse press secretary. The job is to promote the agenda that’s handed to them, come hell or high water, NO MATTER WHAT. The better they are at lying on their feet, the better they are at twisting logic far beyond its breaking point while pretending to believe what they’re saying, the better they are for the job.

    If we’re attempting to reason with such people, once identified, then we are indeed suffering a “process failure” of our own. It shows that we do not, cannot, or will not understand the fundamental nature of the relationship.

    If on the other hand we prefer the emotional boost we get from showing ourselves to be smart while showing our opposition to be dumb, then we’re playing an entirely different, and I dare say irrelevant, game of our own.

    And so it is possible for two supposedly “opposite sides” to be engaged in exactly the same thing; game play, while never facing the underlying reality behind their game. Children can and often do participate in this sort of behavior for most of the time they’re awake, and they go to sleep engaged in it, and they wake up engaging in it. I’ve just observed this in my grand daughter in the last 14 hours. How often are we participating in a more sophisticated version of it, perhaps without even realizing it?

    • What about the people who side with the liars and even demand more lies? And when the liars and the people who believe them outnumber the others do they not think of themselves as having a great democratic civilization based on freedom?

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