Quote of the day—David Cicilline

Spare me the BS about constitutional rights.

David Cicilline
U.S. Representative (D-RI)
Democrats Don’t Care Whether Banning ‘Assault Weapons’ Is Constitutional
[The last 30 years of firearm legislation by the Democrats (and some Republicans) made it impossible to envision a mindset any different from this. But us knowing it to be true and one of them openly, unambiguously, saying it in public is something new.

I applaud Rep Cicilline open confession. I hope he enjoys his trial.—Joe]


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  1. “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.” — Bill Clinton

    Politicians, in any of the three branches, who take the Constitution seriously can be counted on the fingers of two hands — perhaps, on the thumbs of two hands. Most of them aren’t quite as honest about it as these two, but the reality underneath the smiling façade is the same either way.

  2. Yes, yes, a thousand time, yes! Spare us the BS about constitutional rights!
    2A tells the government what it CAN’T do.
    It confers no rights on anyone. It takes power away from congress. And Cicilline just made himself a non-congressman by sponsoring the bill. He no longer has standing as such. (Supremacy clause anyone?)
    To me, this is the most important part to understand. Also, the most damning evidence to be presented at trial.
    Cicilline is the criminal next door that wants to steal your property. And his only backing is that of naked aggression. The only thing him and his communist friends are missing is the cartel face tattoos.
    That’s how the constitution sees them. Maybe it’s time we did also?

    • Something else we should start hammering on is this thing when elected officials lie. They’re not just lying. They’re committing perjury and fraud.
      They swore an oath to the constitution. That’s a binding contract. In official capacity that violates that contract by lying in any give circumstance is fraud.
      Their lies get people murdered. (You can’t have a border that’s under control. And 100,000 fentanyl deaths.)
      This is something they need to hear.
      Sorry mister congressman, I can lie. About you commit perjury when you do it.
      Truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Is the test laid on every witness to enter a courtroom. Should it be any less for elected officials?

      • Neil Smith once pointed out that “Bill of Rights” is a misnomer, and “Bill of Restrictions” would be a better name.
        On the fentanyl thing, I keep thinking that it would be a good idea for states to change the penalty for possession with intent to sell (say, more than 8 ounces of fentanyl). Make it a mandatory death sentence. If a few dozen pushers get hanged, I suspect matters would improve. It works in Singapore.

        • 10-4, Roger Wilco, and AB-SOL-FRICK’IN-LUTELY!!!! pkonking!
          Over a pound of drugs should be a hanging offence.
          And just like Singapor, caneing should be a public event.
          The idea of rehabilation should be by example. As in, I bet the next MF is going to think twice about doing something like that!
          Come into this country without our permission? We deport you to where ever we feel like sending you.
          You don’t like Mexico? Guessing you probably won’t like Somalia any better. Either way, you ain’t going to be our problem ever again!

    • “At trial”? A fair trial was his constitutional right, but he’s revoked that. How long do such people expect us to respect the law – and it’s respect for the law that keeps us from shooting them outright – when they tear at the foundations of all our laws?

  3. At the music store we once had a candidate for Latah County Sheriff, feeling he was in like company, complain about “those damned constitutionalists”. That was over 25 years ago. You’d know his name, but fortunately I’ve forgotten, otherwise I’d post it here.

    You have to experience it to believe the things that will come out of leftists’ mouths when they feel they’re in safe company. This is but one of many examples.

    Yes, princesses, the constitution is there specifically to block you from doing to us whatever you want. It also has a bunch of anti-democratic provisions, having the same purpose of course. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual, lying public office holder, or a part of a voting majority that hates liberty; you still don’t get to violate your fellow Americans with legal impunity. That’s the purpose and goal of the Bill of Rights.

    It’s a curious thing that someone, while hating the constitution and anyone who supports it, would seek an office that is specifically charged with upholding the constitution. This is one of the best examples ever of “the fox guarding the henhouse”. It demonstrates that people will in fact seek office for the express purpose of undermining our constitution. In addition to being liars (as they take the oath of office) they are of course at the same time federal criminals and enemies of the people of the republic.

  4. The left has only one rule….WIN! Anything that makes winning and attaining more power is good and legal. Anything that interferes with that agenda is bad and is to be attacked. And since the criminals who subscribe to this mindset invariably seek power and control over others and NEVER suffer any consequences for their evil misconduct eventually they WILL WIN. They NEVER give up, they NEVER go away, they NEVER compromise ( they just pretend to) and they will NEVER coexist with any belief or group that doesn’t subscribe to THEIR creed. There is quite simply only one thing that can be done regarding the criminal commie left. Exterminate them. Nothing else will work. You don’t negotiate, compromise or coexist with a rabid dog. You destroy it.
    The same need, rationale and course of action is required when it comes to the communist left.

  5. Not to excuse the scumbag, but the problem is that about half the country agrees with him. We will never be safe in the same country with them.

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