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Concerns over the firearm industry’s marketing practices and accountability grew Thursday, prompting more proposed legislation, a day after chief executives of two leading gun manufacturers told Congress they bore no blame in the recent mass shootings.

House lawmakers introduced a measure that would direct the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the gun industry’s advertising and marketing practices. It is the latest attempt by federal legislators to hold gun companies responsible after the massacres in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.

Melissa Chan
July 28, 2022
Concerns grow over gun industry’s accountability after CEOs tell Congress they bear no blame in mass shootings
[In related news Democrat lawmakers dismissed as “ridiculous” an amendment to include spoons and forks in the FTC investigation. This is despite spoons and forks being used in almost all obesity related deaths totalling 100s of times more deaths than “assault weapons”. This comes amid growing claims that people would be much safter if the general population did not have access to high capacity feeding devices instead of using chopsticks.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Melissa Chan

  1. typical demtard tactics…how about make the people that kill other people responsible…for once in your pathetic lives, do the right thing…you can lay a knife, gun, baseball bat on table and it will never harm a single person or animal until some dumbass with the intent of causing harm or death picks it up and uses it…

  2. And not a word about alcohol or cars? Maybe we should shut off all water and electricity? (I know, their working on it.) As those kill a lot of folks to.
    Or maybe we can just admit to ourselves and the world that communists are willful retards that are out to kill?
    That there’s no lie they won’t tell. Or moral line they won’t cross. Nothing they won’t betray.
    And that it’s well passed time for us to do onto them, that which they have been doing to us for the last century? Possibly sparing them that which they have done to millions of others? And left unchecked will do to millions of us.
    As Joe has mentioned many times; Show me the country where gun control works?
    I would posit; Show me a government agency that is doing what it was created for? And not perjuring itself about its actions?
    For years we have been invaded by people that think our kindness is a weakness. Are they right?

  3. Leftists calling for accountability? This is probably one of their most ironic and astonishing behaviors. Let’s hope their unrepentant leaders receive all the accountability they can handle, and much more.

  4. Most of the gun grabbers pushing hard to disarm us fully understand the comparison to ‘cutlery as a weapon’ or holding auto makers responsible for
    DUI deaths. They don’t care. They want us disarmed so they can rule with impunity and NO ARGUMENT no matter how factual and correct matters to them.
    As for their brain dead supporters. They think what they are told to think by the media whores. You don’t argue with communists. It’s a complete waste of time.
    You KILL them. Because given half a chance they WILL kill you.

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