Quote of the day—Malcolm Nance

We’ve seen the Supreme Court is no longer an instrument of justice.

Malcolm Nance
July 23, 2022
GOP Will ‘Defund Every Component of the U.S. Government’ If It Becomes Party in Power, Ex-MSNBC Analyst Warns
[He says this as if this were a bad thing.

The job of SCOTUS is the interpretation of the constitution, laws legally enacted, and make sure those laws are appropriately applied. Those laws may or may not have anything to do with his, mine, or anyone else’s vision of “justice”.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Malcolm Nance

  1. They’re oh so worried about the defunding of things that should never have existed in the first place. (Show one agency that hasn’t lied about almost everything. Isn’t that a crime?)
    And that the Supremes are becoming political, and not serving justice anymore. (As in finding human rights that allow you to murder the innocent. And ignore the plane words that curtail government. So we can protect the innocent)
    The communists really are in trouble. They sound scared.
    Not to worry Malcolm. Mitch and the RINO’s will save you. Or will try. The real problem is we can no longer save you from yourself.
    P.S. Think we will get lucky enough to have the Chinese shoot down Pelosi’s plane?
    The whole thing is like watching your ex back over a cliff in your new Mercedes.
    Is there anyway we can tell the Chinese it’s OK by us? No need to go to war over it, should they decide to drop her?
    Maybe having big “thank you” parades on Tik-Tok?

  2. There is very little that a progressive does in the name of “justice” or “our democracy” or “choice” that has anything to do with, respectively, justice, democratic principles, or true choices. To frustrate a progressive is no vice.

  3. The left has only ONE GOAL and ONE RULE. Win. PERIOD! And any person, any thing, any institution that interferes with that agenda automatically becomes the enemy……to be attacked.

  4. Justice: Noun; 1. The process of tearing down Judaeo-Christian principles to make way for the restoration of the old hierarchical, authoritarian, church/state systems of the Dark Ages and of ages prior. The uplifting of criminal behavior as righteous, for the purpose of destabilizing society and eventually obliterating, through terror and angst, all understanding of the law and practices of liberty. 2. The reinstatement of ancient paganism. 3. The philosophy and mindset upheld in Rerum Novarum, also known as Catholic Social Doctrine (i.e. Marxism, fascism, et al), as further advanced in Laudato Si and Fratelli Tutti, and which has been embraced by national leaders and international organizations throughout the world.

    This needs to be another entry in the dictionary of Left-Speak. Whenever you hear or see the word “justice” in popular media, or from an adherent to the worldly paradigms of thought, you will henceforth know what it means.

    However, we will accept no effective counter to the “justice” movement, because we will consistently refuse to acknowledge it for what it is (Babylon and the anti-Christ, which our forefathers knew of quite well, and identified quite specifically). We cannot respond appropriately to an enemy that we’re incapable of defining clearly, or consistently, for fear of mockery and persecution. Even though our own history is replete with towering examples of victory over this enemy, we will reject those examples in favor of worldly acceptance; the respect and accolades of lost or fallen men.

  5. When was the last time the GOP actually defunded anything?

    They won’t. Even though they should.

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