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You are illegally storing your guns. Did you take your gun training? Or those guns are illegal too? Instead buying a bunch of guns to feel manly, would you ever consider just doing some push-ups? Or just accept that you have a small peen, instead of over compensating?

Hey Now! @HeyNowTrucker
Tweeted on May 12, 2022
[It’s not only another Markley’s Law Monday, it is another science denier!

Via a tweet from In Chains @InChainsInJail.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Hey Now! @HeyNowTrucker

  1. Well, obviously diversity is not our strength. As in, who let this nimrod in the country?
    Or maybe we are two different countries already, and this one is from far-away New York city. And actually believes all the lies?
    At least we know not all Biden votes were made up now. As Markley’s Monday proves some people are that ignorant, shallow, and easy to manipulate.
    We have seen the enemy my friends, and they be hubristic morons. Unfortunately, we must go amongst them.
    P.S. Is Canada going into a shooting war with their assault weapons steal,ah, buy-back program?
    P.S.S. Rolf had a good one on his Gab feed. It appears someone used his 3D printer to make 63 “guns”. And sold them to a buy-back program at $150 apiece! Party on! Now they can buy a real gun!

  2. That vic is such a hall monitor.

    (I was going to write ‘dude’ in reference to this person, but it occurred to me that I would be assuming vis gender, which is exceptionally likely to be offensive to vir. And so I thought to myself, what substitute monosyllabic noun and xenopronouns should I use for a performatively-offended narcissist that I should assume will make melodramatic protestations? So I chose “vic”, short for “victim”, instead of dude/chick or bruce/sheila, etc, and vis xenopronouns are “vi/vir/vis”. Vi may have vis own opinions on what vis xenopronouns are, but I don’t know them, and if vi told them to me, I’d probably forget them. But, good news! I won’t accidentally be referring to vir with archepronouns like “he” or “her” or “it”, as I can reliably assume those would be chosen to be received as offensive. I certainly don’t want to be accidentally offensive.)

    • I prefer referring to such cretinous thinkers as Twits or Twats, depending on whether the home country is America or Britain, but that is more a descriptive noun rather than a mere pronoun.

      — Windy Wilson, whose preferred pronoun is “His eminence.”

  3. Not to be insulting to Lot Lizards, but HeyNowTrucker sounds like a handle a way-past-her-prime Lot Lizard would use.
    Please stop talking about my penis. I’m really kinda shy

  4. “Forgive them, Father; they know not what they do” comes to mind. But at some point, once we’ve given them the facts of life, over and over again, for decades, even generations, and preached the Gospels and the perfect law of liberty, and they proudly reject it all, the Romish authoritarians will have to face justice.

    Until then, we won’t know whether we are to wink at ignorance while accepting contrition, or to execute justice against the proud and devious criminal. We won’t necessarily know which it is that we’re dealing with on an individual basis. Therefore it’s up to the Almighty. “Vengeance is mine”, sayeth the Lord.

    Then again there is the supreme and over-riding law of our land, which is the U.S. constitution, which is man’s law, and therefore anyone pledged to uphold that law, who then wantonly and deliberately sets out to violate it, is a criminal by his own standards, and is subject to man’s justice, or so it would seem to me being that they themselves took a pledge to that law as a condition of receiving title and office.

    Therefore 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 are to be enforced. Indeed it is the duty of the people to enforce them, and if the people’s servants, who have taken on such duties by way of accepting their offices and titles refuse to enforce them, it then falls to the people themselves to execute the necessary and proper justice according to the law.

  5. As the Thought Police will say if we don’t turn the tide of such tyranny-enabling idiocy, “You’ve had enough to think for one day, HeyNowtrucker.”

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