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There have been no “failures”. To fail it must first exist. Which country’s population has managed to free themselves and create a class-free society where the PEOPLE collectively owned the natural resources, industries etc? Most people don’t know what socialism / communism is.

The Socialist Party @OfficialSPGB
Tweeted on January 21, 2022
[If it has never existed then all the millions of people who died in the failed attempts surely must be considered “a clue”. But that they persist tells us one, or both, of two things:

  1. They are totally without a clue.
  2. Killing tens or hundreds of millions of people is intentional.

Therefore, if they persist, we should just say, “No!” until we run out of ammo, then affix bayonets and continue with hand-to-hand.—Joe]


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  1. I think they’re on to the inherent fault of “bbbbbut it’s never been TR13D!@!@@@@111!” so they’re market-testing an alternative that means the same thing.

  2. It hasn’t failed because it never existed? But as you point out Joe. We’ve gotten close enough to see what happens when trying to create that thing that never existed. Because it’s not humanly possible for it to exist. If someone is so clueless as to think it might work?
    At long last, we found the IQ litmus test of wither we will allow someone to vote or remain in civilized society. (Or get the bayonet, ammo being expensive and all.)
    Just ask;
    Do you know what happens every time socialism/communism is tried?
    Any answer other than, yes! it turns society into a starving, murdering, ignorant hell-hole! Gets the boot.
    It also explains why God created hell…..
    Cause so many socialists want it!

    • Given that hell is death, and nothing more, and that the wages of sin is death, then yes.

      This is one point on which the atheists and the Bible-believing Christians agree— When you’re dead you’re dead and that’s the end of you, and that’s that and there’s nothing left but the stench or the smoke which dissipates forever.

      The notion that a person has a spirit separate from the body, and that that spirit separates and goes on to some afterlife upon the death of the body, and the person’s deeds in life are weighed and thus it is decided what happens to the spirit, all of that silly nonsense and rot comes from nowhere in the Bible but is from Greek philosophy and the other pagan systems which were welded into a pseudo Christianity under Rome. They got tired of hunting and killing Christians so they took the Progressive approach of co-opting and turning Christianity on its head over a period of time. And it worked. Then came the Reformation to set it straight again, and Rome once again went on a mass murdering spree. And that worked as well, because nearly everyone who thinks he’s a Christian today believes in that pagan horseshit.

      • “…all of that silly nonsense and rot comes from nowhere in the Bible…”

        Sir, I would strongly suggest you read the Bible, so that you will understand how gravely mistaken you are.

  3. The only real difference between Communism and Naziism is that when you point out the millions who were killed by the Nazis, no one ever says “Well, real Naziism has never been tried”.

  4. I would say it’s number #2. I mean look at what the Democrats and far left want to do to literally the entire population of the United States that opposes or resists them. Or what the far left wants to do on a global scale and what they want to do with literally all human life on earth that opposes or resist them. An Ideology that literally views the human race itself is a parasite on planet earth in need of eradication. And they view it as doing the right thing. Murdering literally billions of people if not all people but themselves to bring about their utopia is actually justified in their twisted ideology.

    But on the other hand you have to be incredibly stupid to think that way. And insane. Although I don’t think the word insane is actually strong enough.

  5. There have been no “failures”.

    Agreed. There have been no “failures”. There have been FAILURES, massive failures that enslaved millions and murdered millions more.

    If the Socialist Party of Great Britain wishes to claim that Socialism hasn’t failed because no one has done it correctly yet, well, I’d respond: “your ATTEMPTS thus far have murdered more people, and enslaved more people, than any other social movement in history. The burden is on YOU to demonstrate that, if you try again, you will not get the same results as Stalin, Mao, etc.”

    This basically has the same ethical standing as the drug dealer who kills a competitor, is arrested for murder, and whines that he didn’t do it right — it really is possible to sell hard drugs without murdering anyone, really it is! — and that he should be allowed to go back to his business and try again. (No, sport; you murdered someone, you’re getting tried for murder.)

  6. The theory of socialism is at direct odds with evolved human nature. As long as
    it is humans attempting to implement it it will ALWAYS FAIL. The TRUE reason why so many push for socialism is twofold. A small percentage want it because they can’t compete in the world without it but with it they can be rich and powerful.
    The other portion is just plain lazy and stupid. They WANT someone else…i.e the government to take care of them. They are also too stupid to realize that when the small percentage of socialists gain power the lazy stupid large percentage do get ‘taken care of”….permanently. As in exterminated.

    • The theory of socialism it in direct, deliberate and pointed opposition to every clause of every one of the Ten Commandments.

  7. There is no one on the face of the earth more dangerous than someone with a utilitarian outlook who believes the ends can justify the means. Utopian moral relativists have put more human beings under the earth than all other murderers combined.

  8. The thought has occurred to me on several occasions that recovery measures performed after contracting an ailment are a great deal more involved, expensive, and failure-prone than prophylactic measures instituted to prevent contracting the ailment in the first place.

    It took quite some time for humans to overcome ignorance and learn a number of things that today we consider both extremely basic and of common knowledge, among them that drinking water sources should be widely separated from waste water flows because of bacterial cross contamination; malaria – which literally means “bad air” – is not “bad air” at all but a direct infection transmitted by mosquitoes, and eliminating the mosquitoes is more effective and less costly than any treatment so far devised for malaria victims; breathing in some chemicals leads to cancer, and prevention with proper breathing apparatus is easier and cheaper and usually more successful than treating the resultant cancer; some foods and lifestyles contribute to heart ailments that cause debilitation and death, while avoiding them can, in most instances, substantially reduce, sometimes eliminate entirely, the resultant cardiac ailments. The list goes on.

    That we have not yet learned the direct and substantial hazard(s) posed by proponents of the multiple variations of malignant government such as socialism, marxism and communism, different in name but identical in effect, and undertaken prophylactic measures to eliminate the resultnt contamination strikes me as more of the ignorance-based “bad air” philosophy which, for centuries, failed to identify, and then deal with, the cause of such a debilitating, and frequently fatal, malady. It is now “common knowledge” that sewage must be separated from drinking water and that mosquitoes breed in even very small pools of standing water; no such “common knowledge” appears to exist regarding governmental and social structure so we allow the political and social equivalent of “mosquito breeding pools”and cross contamination of information flows in our education, our media and our governmenl economic systems..

    Where is our political and social Walter Reed? And, should he appear, will there be sufficient support for him to be effective, and that support adequate to resist the inevitable attacks?

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  10. Socialism, with more of a fascist twist, is nothing more and nothing less than the secular implementation of what is known today as Catholic Social Doctrine. Ayn Rand addressed the matter thusly;

    “The Catholic Church has never given up the hope to re-establish the medieval union of church and state, with a global state and a global theocracy as its ultimate goal.” — Ayn Rand, 1967

    In the coming years you’ll see Ayn Rand’s prophecy (regarding this issue) come true. It’s already coming true, but you just don’t realize it yet. It’s too outlandish and crazy to believe, and that makes us more able to deny it even when we see the evidence. Here is one of the many ways in which Catholic Social Doctrine is being implemented on a global scale;

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