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The only real difference between Communism and Naziism is that when you point out the millions who were killed by the Nazis, no one ever says “Well, real Naziism has never been tried”.

January 29, 2022
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[There are many other differences of interest to historians, sociologists, and psychologists. But in terms of what you need to know to make appropriate decisions in response to them this is correct.—Joe]


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  2. Romish authoritarianism may be offered in a thousand different flavors, and people may even fight to the death over which glorious and wonderful new flavor they want, but no matter which one you choose you’re partaking of the same old poison, welcoming in the abomination of desolation.

  3. The equation Chris Langan posited. Money, Power, Control. Use any two to get the third. It’s the same formula for tyranny’s of every stripe. Communism and socialism being just latest variants.
    This is an operation of humans in human nature. There is no way to stop it. It will persist as long as humans exist. It moves as part of the macro cycle of humanity as humans hate being controlled. So we get pissed off and start ridding ourselves of the parasites.
    This is why our forefathers believed so strongly in freedom. Strong people that believe in doing things for themselves is the only counterbalance on a macro level. Strong people resist the control part of the equation. And see the power, money part for what it is.
    We keep going thru this because were the problem. The tyrants will always be there as a constant.
    To short circuit the cycle one has to remove one of the pieces of the equation.
    For that, money would be the easiest.
    But a strong truth-based people is the only true defense.

  4. True, there are other differences. One is that communism has a world wide team of fellow travelers, while nazis never made it (in more than negligible quantities) much beyond Germany. Another is that communism is substantially more deadly than nazism. I’m pretty sure the ratio is at least a factor of 10.

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