Quote of the day—Brandon Smith

The political left is now the side that is most appealing to narcissists, sociopaths, the emotionally unstable, etc., and this attraction is forming a mob that can be easily exploited by the establishment.

Brandon Smith
January 13, 2022
For Leftists, Your Freedom Is Their Misery – Your Slavery Is Their Joy
[There is more than a little truth in this.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brandon Smith

  1. This is a thesis upon one word; “now”.

    The left is “now” becoming all those things? So he’s saying that it wasn’t appealing to Narcissists and sociopaths, and all those things, all along?

    Do we no longer understand the debauchery and brutality of Ancient Rome or have we dismissed it because we weren’t there to feel it? Have we forgotten the cultural/moral degradation of the French before the revolution, much of Europe before W.W. II, Sodom before its destruction, and the countless other examples?

    This is a significant part of the problem. Too many people think that the left has changed, or is changing, or that when we were children the left was OK. Wrong! The leftist Romish authoritarian revolutionaries have always had the same motivations and goals, going back thousands of years if you track the ideologies. All you’re seeing is the continuation of their progress against the formerly free world (the West).

    This is NOT a change in what we now call the left. It never changes. This is you and your peers just beginning to experience what the left (Romish authoritarianism) has always been.

    But history did not start when you were born. It did not start when you came of age and began paying attention. Likewise, the sun was rising and setting, quite predictably, long before you had the ability to see it and feel it. This has all been going along for thousands of years before you were born, and you already know what they say about people who fail to learn from history.

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