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Similar in nature to vaccines against disease, addiction vaccines stimulate the body to create antibodies that recognize a drug, and prevent or slow it from reaching the brain. A shot every few months, or once a year, has the potential to seriously ease a person’s path to recovery. 

Hannah Furfaro
January 5, 2022
To fight opioid crisis, UW researchers take new shot at developing vaccine against addictive drugs
[Interesting. I never who have guessed such a thing was possible. But now that the idea has been presented I can imagine “vaccines” for all kinds of things.

The first one that came to mind was one prevent Marxist beliefs. That was quickly followed by the concern that someone would probably develop, and the government would soon mandate, a vaccine to prevent individualism and/or suspicion of large government.

I soon returned to the present day and reality by reminding myself there has been a vaccine for the lethal variants of Marxism since before the mutations first started spreading over 100 years ago. Current prices vary from less than $0.10 to over $5.00 dollars a shot. And, if properly injected, they will cure as well as provide lifelong 100% immunity from infections. Even though the shots are widely available, inexpensive, and effective we still have rising Marxist infection rates. It seems to me there will have to be mandates to achieve herd immunity. This is because the voluntary inoculation rates are so very low..—Joe]


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  1. Trust me, better living through chemistry never ends the way we want.
    Addictions. Must be faced and fought with same tool you got them with. Namely selfishness. You just have to want to be sober the same way you wanted to get high. And be ruthless in what it takes to stay sober.
    Without that fight you will not have sufficient PTSD to stay sober. Don’t matter what they tell you works. Taking a pill to stop taking a shot of heroin doesn’t and isn’t an answer.
    Were always looking for easy in this world. I am no different. But god laid down the law on this one. And history has shown us that for every easy out. There’s an easier way back in.
    Killing addictions is a mental blood sport. And thus it will remain.
    As for communist and communism. Their vaccinating their own useful idiots to death as we type.
    And f–king with Russia right now is asking for a coordinated attack by all our enemies on American soil. Which will open the range, hot.
    But your absolutely right Joe. The cure for communism has been with us always. In fact, it’s one of their catch-all cures too. So, in my estimation they have no valid complaint against its application.

  2. Love your sense of humor. Good humor always does have a bit of reality bite to it. That is why our woke citizens hate it so much. Disrupts their dissonant thinking and that hurts. Be ready for the cancel mob to launch on this one. That will just prove the point but their flaming apoplexy will never diminish.

  3. heroin was thought to be a sort of vaccine/cure for alcoholism. F. Scott Fitzgerald tried it… didn’t work for him

  4. “Better Living Through Chemistry” eh?
    Yes well, old novels like Brave New World and This Perfect Day feature whole populations whose minds (and reproductive capacity) are controlled using drugs administered regularly by government edict. So the thought has been out there for generations. The CIA purportedly experimented with LSD or similar compounds for use as weaponry. Then there was the “peace gas” that was featured in an old, low budget, B&W short film, in which the “Airmen of the World” dispersed said gas from aircraft in order to pacify an entire rebel city and then parachute in and occupy the city before the residents came out of their stupor.

    It has been asserted that saltpeter (potassium nitrate) has been slipped into the diet at boy’s homes or schools so as to inhibit the boy’s libido thus keeping them more under control.

    Anyway, Eugenics has been around for over a Century. Those people have thought up some nasty, evil things, and I suppose that such a mindset, once it’s taken hold and been studied in earnest and promoted within our institutions, never goes away. I categorize it as part of a large set of doctrines I’ll call “salvation by the cleverness of man after liberation from God’s law” or something like that. It’s never brought anything but mass suffering, but that’ll never prevent some people from trying it yet again under some slightly modified set of rationalizations.

    The takeaway I see here is that, if a problem is allowed to grow large enough, some people are going to actually listen to the Eugenicists again, whatever they call themselves at the time, if they pretend well enough to have the “Final Solution”. When things get bad enough (or are perceived to be bad enough– It works either way) , the people become more willing to believe in their new, false Christs.

    Speaking of addictive substances, and acknowledging that reality is, sometimes, indeed stranger than fiction; I have spent some hours talking with a Vietnam veteran who swore blind that he was personally flying helicopters at that time in SE Asia for the express purpose of moving opium for the CIA in an “off the books” operation. Initially I thought him quite out of his mind and wondered if he had availed himself of some illicit medication, but then another vet entered the conversation, took in stride everything the first guy was saying, and piled on even more of similar such talk! Had I myself gone mad, was I suddenly in an asylum with no walls to which people may come and go freely, or was I being exposed to the slimy underbelly of the U.S. political/military machine? I’ve no idea which. I placed the stories and assertions of that day under the, “Beats the hell out of me but I’ll file it away anyhow for the extremely unlikely event that it should become useful later” category.

    • Eugenics has been around as long as there have been people. It was perfected when we started breeding wolves into dogs. It is only the modern day that favors allowing young women to mate with people who look and act wrong, thus threatening the future of the tribe.

      • I seem to be shaking the darkness out of the woodwork here.

        It would appear that you are NOT in favor of allowing women to choose their own mates? So you favor controlling, by edict, who mates with whom, based on appearance (you mean race?) and demeanor?

        Or are we just being coy and not really marketing a specific point?

        By Eugenics, of course, I am talking about a post-Darwin movement, promoting government control of the genetic make-up of human society, NOT your immensely expanded version which includes the domestication of animals by individual, private breeders. Eugenics is NOT the breeding of dogs or the domestication and breeding of livestock.

        You appear to be saying that government control of human genetics is the same as thing private control of privately owned livestock. That would be as big a lie as saying that socialism (wholesale coercive redistribution under central planning) is the same thing as charity (the distributing of one’s own resources and attentions as one sees fit). In fact they are polar opposites.

        Or maybe you’re implying some things in your comment that aren’t clearly stated and which I fail to infer exactly as you wish. The solution to that is very simple; clearly state your meaning, and let’s not dance around the mulberry bush.

  5. Great humour, Joe. I believe that Marxists/Leninists/Commies of any stripe, are basically suffering from severe mineral deficientcies. Despite any of their prntestations to the contrary, this can instantly be righted by administering lead and copper into them, much as you suggest. When the solution is properly applied, the problem does not reoccur.

  6. This made me think of disulfiram, which can be used to treat alcoholism. Mechanism of action is the opposite though, rather than retarding the drug’s effects, it prevents your metabolism from breaking down the alcohol so its toxic effects are much more pronounced.

    Increasing tolerance seems to be the wrong approach, doesn’t that just lead to higher doses and eventual overdose?

  7. The number of potential downsides to this are so obvious and numerous that all I can say is…. “NO.”

    WRT a vax against Marxism, the exact opposite, a vaccine against religious faith is the only one the “elites” have discussed. Increasingly I’m of the belief that Marxism is little more the secular Satanism. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”—Charles Baudelaire

  8. Lyle,
    that story of drug running by the CIA was fairly common back in the day. I think the drug growing area was called the “Golden Triangle”.

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