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A top King County prosecutor told a group of South Sound law enforcement officials that they better “get used to” no jail time for juvenile criminals responsible for the alarming rise of violence in the region. He even joked about their concern, using a popular meme that some on the call found offensive.

Ben Carr is the senior deputy prosecuting attorney for King County. He offered a PowerPoint presentation on how the county treats juvenile offenders driving much of the crime. The meeting was called after mayors criticized the prosecutor’s office for going too easy on criminals, demanding answers. It did not go well.

Jason Rantz
January 4, 2022
Rantz: Prosecutor says ‘get used to’ no jail time for teen gun crimes, assault, theft
[King County encompasses Seattle and many of the nearby towns.

Other items of interest from the same article:

  • Violent criminals will be enrolled in restorative justice programs run by police and prison abolitionists
  • a large portion of the changes are overdue, being done to address racial disproportionality and over-incarceration
  • The alternatives are offered to certain felony suspects. Rather than going in front of a judge, RCP puts the suspects in front of a community panel of activists. That panel decides how the suspect can be held accountable.
  • RCP explains its “end goal is ABOLITION,” and that they are “fighting to dismantle the carceral state.”

Things are going to get a lot worse around here before they get better.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


14 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jason Rantz

  1. That bit about putting criminals in front of a “community panel”, sounds like he’s implementing Sharia law.

    It also seems like this will offer an opportunity for appeal and dismissal to anyone convicted in that hellhole — on the grounds of unequal administration of the law.

  2. Interesting how on the RCP web site there are no names. Nobody wants to claim ownership of or even membership in the group.

    Nothing breeds trust better than anonymity….

  3. It seems the real question is which bin do you put the corpses in? Regular trash? Do you folks have composting recycle bins over there yet? Maybe just stack them down on the corner?
    Is the city even planning to up the budget for corpse pickup?
    Looks like that grade c movie, “The Purge” could backfire on the commies very easily.
    Then poof. Just like that, all of a sudden we will need a shiny new federal police force. Maybe UN help like Rahm asked for?

  4. Seattle can keep its loony-ness to itself. Well beyond time to eject Seattle from King County. WA State Constitution has a provision in it for “city-counties”, and I think even back in 1895, they were thinking of Seattle.

    I don’t propose letting them vote on it. Everyone else can vote on if they want to keep them. “Blah blah blah, our taxes pay for most of the county”, whatever, you’re also most of the expenses and 98% of the idiocy. If it costs money for us to get rid of you, that should explain the depth of the loathing we have.

  5. does wa state still have concealed carry?…if so, that’s your answer to the little shit bags…

    • Yes, you can be sure that same prosecutor will be spurred on by all the demons of Socialist Hell to throw the entire book and the whole bookcase at anyone that shoots one of their favored ones.

      The local print and broadcast media will be absolutely in orgasm to proclaim that the [insert all predictable pejoratives] gunned down this innocent angel [insert 5th grade school yearbook picture], who was surely on his way home after Bible study to drink a glass of milk and sing hymns before going to bed early because they have a full schedule the next day of not standing on a street corner minding their own business. Doncha know that he was a Straight-A student (at a public school that doesn’t take attendance, much less track scores), and was just about to (any day now) start to turning his life around?

      Who needs to defund the police? The prosecutor has made it clear that there is no positive or even restorative outcome if you call them. For you, the erstwhile law abiding citizen, there is nothing but downside.

      I wonder if the mafia is available in this local area? Italian, Russian, Yakuza, Tong, whatever. I’ll take two, just get me a stamped metal medallion that I can put next to my front door that says I’m paid up for this year. If someone has questions, they should go ask the guy with a necklace made of patellas with neat holes drilled in them. His name is Igor or Tony or Suzuki-san or Hu.

      I’d have preferred the rule of Law, but since I’m not going to get that, if I have to put up with crime, it had better be organized.

      • Indeed, it seems to me that the attitude of the DAs begs the law abiding to create their own culture of know nothing see nothing along with flash popups.

  6. How much melanin does this “prosecutor” have? I suspect quite a bit.
    Which would explain a lot. Another question would be how much $$$ did
    Criminal George Soros send him to fund his political campaign.

    • I suspect he is completely devoid of melanin. Nobody virtue signals this hard but an affluent progressive person of pallor, all hopped on “unearned privilege” (completely justified imposter syndrome) and “great white savior complex”.

      But he could be just a race hustler right out of central casting that knows there is a lot of profit to be had in Seattle bilking the aforementioned.

      There is damned good money in the “Doing Good(tm)” industry.

  7. Reading the Gulag Archipelago will provide understanding. The political commisars, the “Blue Caps,” were largely drawn from the lower criminal classes, preferably of modest IQ, because their loyalty to the party would be unquestioned. These scum would have nothing if it were not for The Party, so they owed them everything. The Party used their sense of victimhood and envy to make them enthusiastic persecutors of the people.
    The same playbook is being used today.
    Quite possibly by the same people.

  8. We’ve been talking about this for 20 years. It’s throughly predictable. Therefore no one should ever be surprised by this sort of thing, or by the far worse things they have planned.

    Authoritarian (corrupt) government and common criminals have always been natural allies.

  9. Seems to me that the king county DA’s office needs to experience some of the criminality they are busy excusing first hand.. it would be a shame if they got car jacked on a weekly basis. Or mugged once a month. Or assaulted in their homes every two weeks.

    Make them live according to their own rules.

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