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This kind of thing happens a lot. If you supply someone with irrefutable evidence of their wrongly held belief they will be very creative in protecting that belief.

It’s irrational to expect people to be rational.


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  1. To me the more notable issue seen here is that some people think it’s the governor’s job to go out and personally rescue stranded drivers (properly read, “often incompetent drivers who don’t understand winter driving conditions nor how to deal with them”). As far as I’ve known since early childhood (early 1960s) all states have had highway maintenance and emergency crews the whole time. The governor doesn’t have to make specific orders, like Adolph Hitler was known for, before highway crews are able to act. They already know their jobs and are not only free to act accordingly, but required under their job description to do so where there’s an order from the Dear Leader or not. In all states the governor could be in Pago Pago, or unconscious, and nothing whatsoever would be done differently.

    So forget who is actually in office as governor– Your government doesn’t exist to take care of your personal day-to-day wants and needs, though a lot of the bastards would like for you to think that the government is your Big Brother or Daddy, or your Momma.

    So quit your damned whining, carry extra food, water and blankets, and extra fuel, tire chains, flairs, a good jack, etc. with you, just like the sort of things every responsible adult has had to do since before the automobile was invented.


    But I kind of like this kind of weather. For one thing there are fewer paranoid slow-pokes on the roads because they’re too afraid that a wheel might slip for a second, and also because it separates the whiny, trembling incompetents from the normal people, so we all know just who is who, and who is living off of the competence, learning, bravery and productivity of whom.

    If you want to stop being a whiny, quivering incompetent who’s always complaining for someone else to take care of you, then it’s as simple as making the decision to quit. It’s like a substance addiction, and maybe you need an intervention. then you can go out either on your own or with a competent (if you haven’t burned all your bridges with your competent neighbors already) and learn how to control an automobile in a slide, do “bootlegger’s turns”, pirouettes, power slides, utilization of momentum and suchlike, and then maybe you won’t be such a whiny chicken who endangers other people on the road and is always calling for a bigger and more powerful Nanny State so you don’t have to learn how to live.

    If you ask other people for help in learning basic life skills, understand that there are lots and lots of people who would gladly help you so long as you quit your damned whining and can talk reasonably.

    But yes, Joe; you’re right. Once a person has committed to the dialectic (my party good, the other party evil), it’s extremely difficult for them to be rational. It is a communicable form of insanity. But since it is a form of insanity that’s as old as the most basic human settlements or family clans of hunter-gatherers, it should be understood much better.

    We ALL need help once in a while, but this notion of needing a taxpayer-funded wet nurse all our lives is way out of control.

    • It’s somewhat simple – these people have the attitude of a child and think it’s the officials job to take care of them just like dad and mom (err, it’s mom now). And a lot follows: kids are no long taught to be independent, or a man, or a women as the case may be. Nor are they allowed to be independent and should you allow independence you may get a visit from the officials.

      Independence and Masculinity are now toxic.


  2. Joe, it is irrational to expect snowflakes, or wussies, or demented to be rational.
    and lecturing them won’t help. They have selective hearing and interpretations

  3. Probably snow removal is not the problem? Almost every traffic backup like this is sponsored by some trucker that thought he could make it without chaining up.
    Or 14 cars all piled up because their drivers know nothing about snow and ice driving.
    All that aside. Rosemary seems to be one of those people that can take her brain out and play with it. See, this is what happens when you tell people they can create their own reality!

  4. Her last comment is still stuck on the idea that only Northam cares and would do something to help. There’s an exchange in the :”Music Man” that illustrates this.
    — “There I was in Madison City Hospital and nobody came to see me. Cousin Will never came, Aunt Bertha never came.”
    – – “Your Aunt Bertha’s dead.”
    – – “Well, she wouldn’t have come anyway.”

    That prejudices can be confirmed so easily with such minimal expenditure of energy, reason, and logic is one of the wonders of humanity.

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