Quote of the day—Rhona Redtail @Rhona_Redtail

the DOT should charge Walmart trucks to use the interstates.

Rhona Redtail @Rhona_Redtail
Tweeted on January 4, 2022
[Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.*

If I were to make up ignorant and/or stupid stuff about people saying something like this you wouldn’t believe it.

It should be no surprise she is anti-gun too. Anti-gun attitudes are highly correlated with ignorance and stupidity.—Joe]

* There used to be a couple of morning DJs on KJR in Seattle that had a regular “thing” of telling stories about stupid/ignorant stuff and they used this as their tag line.


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  1. Ignorance can be remedied.

    Stupidity cannot.

    Pair ignorance with stupidity and you often get loud and bellicose public demonstrations of the result.

  2. I remember an argument some years ago that damage to roads due to traffic is not a linear function of weight, which means that taxing vehicles by weight (linearly) is not really the right answer (trucks should be taxed more). The article said that modest weight vehicles either cause no damage at all, or actually help the road (by pushing down pavement material that’s loosening up). As an example there was a reference to “parkways” in some states, which don’t allow trucks and have very little pavement wear.

  3. The version of the saying I’ve heard is “Truth is stranger than fiction, and always will be, because fiction is required to stay within the limits of man’s imagination and truth is not”

  4. Is Rhona, Petey Butt-gig’s under secretary of transportation? Certainly sounds like it’s been running the ports in LA while Pete was home breast feeding.
    Stupid is as stupid does. Good thing you can hear it coming!

  5. And once her stupidity is pointed out, she says the fees should be raised, but only for WalMart.

    • It sounds like she’s not against trucks tearing up interstates, so much as she has a vendetta against Walmart in particular.

      I’m now mildly curious as to the cause of her issue. (Not curious enough to actually dig into her postings, but if someone has already done so I’d like to know.)

  6. The wife and I were watching a show, and had to stop because they started failing at the “suspension of disbelief”.

    Fiction has to be believable enough that you’re willing to overlook that it’s fiction. Even science fiction must be plausible enough that you can see past the near-magical technology. (Fantasy, of course, often features some flavor of actual magic, which sets the bar even lower; consistency within its own “system” usually becomes more important than logic or coherence.)

    The truth doesn’t have that limitation. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, so the fact it’s unbelievable (to you) doesn’t change anything. It’s true regardless.

    • “Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” –Philip K. Dick

  7. Continuing Archer’s thought (above) regarding suspension of disbelief there is, in the literary world, a thing called TBAR.

    It stands for “Throw Book Across Room” and is routinely practiced when an author goes so far off the rationality reservation or when reality is so egregiously violated that the entire work collapses because nothing he or she has written can be supportable in any way and it becomes pointless to read even one more page (and is related to Crichton’s Gell-Mann Amnesia Theorem).

    Firearm enthusiasts encounter this often – the ubiquitous “clip” substituted for magazine, “bullets” for cartridges, the “clicking off of safeties” on revolvers, semi-automatic machine guns, etc. – and it frequently removes every part of an author’s work from all purchase considerations.

  8. Back when Jay Leno hosted The Tonight Show he had a segment called
    “Jaywalking” where he and a camera would pose simple questions to the
    typical people wandering the streets of various neighborhoods in So. Cal.

    The level of abject stupidity demonstrated by many of these people was….
    while amusing also shocking….at that time. However the internet has shown
    that vast numbers of two legged parasites in this country have the average
    IQ of a soap bubble.

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