Quote of the day—Jacob Sullum

Before he was elected mayor of New York City last week, Eric Adams raised some eyebrows by saying he would carry a handgun to protect himself and any houses of worship he might visit. While those remarks were controversial, the real scandal is that ordinary New Yorkers cannot legally carry guns for self-defense — a privilege that Adams takes for granted as a former police officer.

Jacob Sullum
November 10, 2021
Supreme Court should reject law that keeps ordinary people from carrying guns for self-defense
[Of course. The most foolish mistake they could possibly make would be to allow their subjects to posses arms.

See also here for more context and commentary.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jacob Sullum

  1. Lords and serfs. Serfs and lords. Security for me, but not for thee.
    Has it ever been different?
    What they count on is you never catching on. And ending the game.
    But hey, it’s New York, what can you really expect from people who live like rats?

  2. Yep. “Lords and Serfs”.

    They got theirs and are terrified of those who might have little to loose. And when they are done you will have very little. And your children and grandchildren even less. What’cha gunna do?

  3. Which version of “Robin Hood” was it where one of the Sheriff’s men finds that Friar Tuck has a sword? That crime was punished by summary execution in the high Middle Ages England (and accurately), Friar Tuck is falling all over himself saying, “I use it for chopping wood! Look, it’s as dull as my backside!”
    If we don’t stand up and demand (and enforce our demand) that we ALL be treated as Americans — FREE MEN, that will be our destiny, too. Every church, pub, school, or other institution will need a royal sponsor to protect it from banditry.
    These anti-liberty Leftists all want a return to feudalism and they envision themselves as the Lord of the fiefdom, lording it over the lesser scum.

    • Side note: Robin Hood did steal from the rich, kinda….

      He poached the Kings deer and stole the taxes back from the wealth lord that stole them first

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