Vigilantes in Rittenhouse case (@anniewebb64, @hammeredsicko, @MckinnisAnthony)

For months there has been claims made about a vigilante in Kenosha WI. I wasn’t able to see valid case for it until today.

I now see there are actually several.

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Via Andy Ngô


Via Andy Ngô:


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Prepare appropriately.


14 thoughts on “Vigilantes in Rittenhouse case (@anniewebb64, @hammeredsicko, @MckinnisAnthony)

  1. If they really think they want to take this into the streets then I think they haven’t given this option much thought. A lot of people are getting tired of watching Bolsheviks burn down America one block at a time.

  2. I always notice that the modern SWJ always want someone else to do the violence for them like that gives them cover. Of course that’s because deep down inside they are lacking.

    • Yes, they want something akin to a messiah, who will sacrifice himself to multiply their sins.

  3. I guess the Democratic Governor sent the National Guard to Kenosha because he knew that the crazies would be out in force and since he is a no body who couldn’t tell them, “No!” Quite possibly the police let it be known that they would be protecting “their” town and didn’t have the manpower to protect the hired transport bringing the next wave of Democratic Storm Troopers to town. Looks like the Rittenhouse prosecution wasn’t a very effective threat against others who might feel the urge to resist the next wave of Democratic riots. Good to hear.

  4. As Bill T. said. The commies always want someone else to do the blood work. The real lesson to be taken to heart. Is that they would glory in your blood when someone does do something to you.
    The demonization part of communism everywhere it’s tried, is complete.
    The real question is. Are you and I going to step up like that young man did?
    Or will we hold our manhood’s cheap?
    Sold for a crumb of economic bread, and a kind word from those that spent a life time insulting us?
    If that young man spends one more day in jail. Or is harmed in any way.
    The shame will be upon us, neighbors.

    • There is another option to “step up like that young man did” which I predict we will see if the current trend continues. That would be utilizations of suppressed ballistic solutions from 400+ yards and/or concealed, subsonic, and suppressed solutions from 100+ yards.

      • Would a single-shot 300 blkout. with 208 gr. A-max loads qualify?
        The biggest problem is getting come up in a scope to match a 400 yard shot. With an 85 yard zero, that still 50 MOA down. By turn my scope down to 4.5 power I can get 40.
        But it is some very quiet fun!

        • As long as you practice under the conditions you will be tested under, you can make just about anything work. Boomershoot is a great place to practice 400 yard clear shots in 3500′ elevation air. Not as good for typical 50 yd 50′ elevation brush and rain of the coast.

          Figure out where you are likely to be hunting for hogs (in minecraft, of course) and what those conditions are, then try to set up or find a range that duplicates it, and practice there.

          Yes, a subsonic 300 blk will work at at 400 yards for a typical silhouette, but windage and exact range estimation will be critical, as flight-time and drop angle will be considerable.

          • 300 Blackout is one of, and currently the most popular of the non-copyright, public domain versions of J.D. Jones’ 300 Whisper, which he developed for the SEALs quite a few years ago.

            Jones figured his was a specific use 200-250 yard cartridge; and, while some folks have done very interesting things subsonically out to surprising distances with that general family of cartridges, I think there’s little to worry about supersonic, however, given enough background noise, and assuming some sort of initial suppression.

            Some time ago novel author Matt Bracken penned an entirely fictional piece about a coordinated small-unit “shoot and scoot” operation that seems prophetic today, given our present circumstances.

            My AO happens to dictate 200M +1″ zeroes for pretty much everything, but expanding that to 400M +0″ for the larger bores in different terrain is easy. A full understanding of the true (non-Hollywood) meaning of “point blank range” is useful, as is actual testing of point blank distances.

            Just as an aside, a sheet of standard copy paper (8.0″W X 11.5″H) is quite cheap and makes a quite useful “point blank reference target” for whatever distance over which one is conducting testing, and upon completion serves double duty as fireplace kindling.

            As for the specific issue mentioned above, I’d guess that once the “midnight door knocking” begins, the sonic-vs-subsonic question will be moot, and easier ability over longer distances will have greater value. I do not recall anyone in Beirut even noticing random discharges if they were some distance away.

  5. ”…Rittenhouse chose to kill [rather] than get an education…”

    This is classic. The thugs going after him to beat him senseless were merely “teachers” concerned for his edification. That attitude was common during the purges of the 20th Century communist revolutions. It’s important to fully comprehend this mindset as a part of understanding the nature of the tactical landscape (it’s also the papal mindset, as it so happens).

    As for this talk of ballistics, it’s worth pointing out that NATO went from the ‘06 and 308 to the intermediate 5.56 for regular infantry for the simple reason that, depending on your location, 300 yards may turn out to be a very long shot relative to average engagement distances, and therefore round count and carry-out weight were considered more important. Nonetheless, practice at longer range and the shorter distances become much easier, SO LONG AS you understand your trajectories from experience.

    Regarding handguns, which are more carry-able yet, if you’re not practicing at 30 and 50, out to 100 yards or more, depending on caliber, you’re not realizing the potential of your system. A typical, well-made service caliber pistol is capable of quite plausible shots at 100 yards, providing that its operator has become familiar with working at those distances.

    Further; although a magnum handgun is considered a specialized weapon, useful mainly for short range hunting, as an urban counterinsurgency weapon it should not be altogether ignored. I tend to think of it as a “carbine” that can be tucked inside a jacket and carried hands-free. And so now we come around full circle to the tried and true, compact, folding stocked subgun, or the AK or AR pistol with a brace and an optic, et al, for urban counterinsurgency work. They all have their place so long as you’re well practiced with them and they’re worth very little if you aren’t.

    • Might be useful to have a shoulder rig for the magnums that would accommodate an optic. Bought a small scope for my Redhawk about 30 years ago, not having considered that I had no way to carry it except in my hand. I’ve seen a very fancy/expensive one, but it is only available in RH.

      It carries well in a Bianchi X15 if the scope is off.

  6. I find it significant that Bingen (Binger? Bingleheimer? Binghamton? Leadbottom? Living Lard?) was trying to insinuate to the jury that a FMJ was more lethal than hollowpoint or soft nose. The round required by the Hague and Geneva Conventions for “more Humane” war. Not that it really matters, had Rittenhouse come to use hollowpoints, if they had been cheaper, Bingle would have made as much of that as well.

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