Judge tosses underage weapons charge


The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was hearing competing narratives in closing arguments Monday after the judge dismissed a lesser weapons charged Rittenhouse faced.

Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed a misdemeanor count Rittenhouse faced over whether he was a minor in possession of a firearm illegally. The defense argued the charge couldn’t apply because of what they said is an exception in the law. The prosecution objected, but the judge sided with the defense’s interpretation.

I’m surprised it took so long.


3 thoughts on “Judge tosses underage weapons charge

  1. From what I’ve seen so far the entire case should have been dismissed before it went to trial and the prosecutor reprimanded for wasting time and using his position to play sleazy politics. Then K.R. should be paid full city wages, with hazard pay, for doing that night what the police stood down and refused to do, and he should be sent an official letter of thanks from the mayor on behalf of the good citizens.

    The moral to the story is, if you don’t want to get shot, don’t riot, loot or violently attack people who are just trying honestly to live their lives and protect their property. That would seem to be an easy, and rather obvious, standard of behavior.

    But of course evil wants “freedom” in this world, and thinks it “unfair”, “unjust” and “discriminatory” that it doesn’t always have such “freedom”. Why, goes the reasoning, should the goody two-shoes sorts of people (you know; the most despicable people) have all the rights and much of the success and respect when evil has so few rights and is sometimes disrespected?

  2. The entire prosecution was obviously a warning to the population not to resist any of the Progressive/Democratic Storm Troopers. The only beneficial part of letting it go to trial is that, jeapardy attaches, making it harder for the Democrats to hold the threat of prosecution over Rittenhouse’s head.

    The Democratic Governor may have sent in the National Guard because the riots and looting are not “selling” well in the state or possibly because the local police have warned that they can’t protect “their” town and the rental transport used by the Democratic rioters at the same time. “Burning busses” will make it difficult to hire transport for future riots, especially if insurance claims are denied. I am begining to appreciate small town responses to threats. Chicago and Milwaukee are already circling the bowl, but this is Kenosha. The owners and employees of the destroyed businesses (and the jurors) are friends and neighbors. Rittenhouse apparently grew up there.

    Obviously, the Democratic Governor didn’t have enough inflence with the National Democratic Storm Troopers to say, “No!”. maybe the Guard, probably recruited from Republican areas, will be beneficial. I would not want to be a “driver” bringing in the “troops” for the next riot.

  3. “The defense argued the charge couldn’t apply because of what they said is an exception in the law.”

    An exception like the right to keep and bear arms?
    An exception like the cited laws only applied to hunting without a license?

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