3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Let People Vote @FlipBlue2022

  1. All the penis jokes serves as a stark reminder that these supposedly inclusive, intersectionally correct woke folk, are really deep at their core, as prejudiced as ever. Since the actual population of LBGTQ+ humans is a vanishingly low number, woke gun-haters never actually have to interact with them, so their prejudice is never exposed and they can continue to spout their social justice. But when they interact with the people they really hate – normal gun culture folks (who they assume are all obese, straight, males) what’s the worst insult they can come up with? Gender jokes. Cognitive dissonance much?

  2. “Those with small dicks compensate with guns.”
    Brings to mind a scene from Blackhawk down. Sgt. Hoot saying:
    “And once the first bullet goes passed your head, all that dick size and politics shit goes right out the window.”
    I’m thinking Let people vote, has a very poor understanding of what he’s voting his way into. And that those compensating for dick size with guns will be the only ones still running their mouths afterward. As in;
    Yes, I have little penis, now please face wall.

  3. That gets an “F” for originality. So we’re dealing with a program. A robot, whether or not it’s in human form.

    And; as if we could be sex-shamed into giving up our tools of defense? Could any idea possibly be more disconnected or less discerning?

    Ah, but we have to understand that they’re not talking to us. They’re talking to one another of the same bent. This is a form of “othering”. It is de-humanizing and fomenting contempt and hatred for any liberty-loving people. It functions such that, when we’re eventually SWATed and sent to the re-education camps, or murdered, few of the leftists will have remorse. They’re just controlling the vermin, taking out the trash, etc.. It’s an age-old tactic, and we know from history that it can be very effective.

    And so, as always, we can laugh at the “stupidity” and the blatant, ludicrous irrationality of such statements, but there’s a deadly serious meaning and an ultimate purpose behind them which must not be ignored.

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