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America’s gun problem is a psychological problem. Somewhere along the way we became rather mentally ill, with no means to address it.

LisaCM @LisaCM9
Tweeted on November 7, 2021
[You might think this is referring to the crazies who refuse to respect the Bill of Rights. That would be a reasonable assessment of them but that isn’t what she is referring to. She is referring to those who want to enforce the 2nd Amendment.

This is what they think of you and the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.—Joe]


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  1. To someone like her the simple desire to own a gun is mental illness and should be grounds to make sure that you can’t have a gun.

  2. The problem Lisa, is that all humanity is mentally ill. Some just show it more than others. That’s why we carry a guns, sweetie.
    And the higher the societies living standards, the more insane they become.
    Witness children eating Tide pods. Or the government manufacturing shortages, and crisis after crisis for nothing other than their own brand of insane vanity.
    Women and men paying $1,000’s of dollars to get cut up. Trying to escape the unescapable. Time, wrinkles, and ugly death.
    That’s just a couple of examples in a mountain of empirical evidence.
    And the fact that you think, (if that’s what you call that.), people who stand ready to defend themselves are the insane ones, proves your insane just like the rest of us.
    You might try getting use to it, we ain’t going nowhere soon.
    P.S. I hear praying to something imaginary helps.

  3. Ahh, if only we could roll the clock back to early 60s or even the 30s when live and let live was the prevalent custom of the land. Then guns were often proudly displayed over the mantel, in a glass case, over the doorway, or just kept in a closet and 13 was almost too old to get your first gun. Then, buying a gun was as simple as putting the money on the counter no manner your age.

  4. Here we see yet another example of the seeds of the merging of authoritarian thinking with the medical industry, and also with “science”. Of course the major communist nations of the 20th Century did the same thing. That sort of thinking is very old hat, as it pre-dates the 20th Century.

    As for evidence of the need for self defense, from our current era, see the YouTube channel, Active Self Protection (or ASP), where you will find hundreds of videos showing regular citizen self defense encounters, and police encounters, with violent criminals;

    Not that anyone should ever be called upon to justify owning what is his right to own, mind you. The mere questioning of the one’s right to keep and bear arms is expressly prohibited in some state constitutions, and that is as it should be worldwide. Conspiring with others in an attempt to limit one’s exercise of his constitutional rights is also, by the way, a federal crime. The fact that it’s not being enforced today doesn’t mean it will never be enforced, so be careful out there! You’re treading on thin ice!

  5. More “projection”….an unstable mentally ill leftist making the normal constant claim that it’s WE who are mentally ill. Even Sigmund Freud
    knew that these people were ill….he stated “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.”.

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