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A unique patient identifier will weaken health care by making individuals reluctant to share personal information—such as drug and alcohol use and past sexual history—with health care providers. It will also discourage sick individuals from seeking medical care for fear their physicians will discover they are unvaccinated, smoke, are overweight, or engage in other unapproved behaviors.

A unique medical ID could also be tied to government records of gun purchases. Someone with “too many” guns could be labeled a potential mental health risk and harassed by law enforcement. This is especially likely if the gun grabbers are successful in their push to enact “red flag” laws in every state.

Fortunately, there is a growing resistance to vaccines and other mandates. This resistance is unlikely to passively accept a federally-issued unique patient identifier. If those of us who know the truth take advantage of the opportunity presented by the resistance to COVID tyranny, we can not only stop the scheme to force every American to obtain a “unique patient identifier” but end all government control of our health care.

Ron Paul
November 11, 2021
Resist the Unique Patient Identifier!
[One thing he didn’t mention that I suspect will develop is a black market in health care. This will include all the quality control and fraud issues of black markets.

I fully support Paul in his goals and appreciate his efforts. However, I suspect Paul is a bit too optimistic. My bet is the only way we will get government to stop controlling our health care is by an economic collapse of the Federal government.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. Methinks this is pretty much like the US weapons systems. We never sale a weapons system we don’t have a counter to.
    If the government is trying to pass legislation to “legalize” something. It’s already been up and running for several years.
    Bill Clinton was trying to roll this crap system out in 90’s. And Ross Perot had the contract for the computer systems. And they’all been waiting over 30 years to legalize it?
    I would bet you almost every time you have blood drawn for some test your another. Your genetics is cataloged and sold.
    Ever notice how the front of a Chinese hyper-sonic missile looks a lot like an SR-71 Blackbird? Also note the Ramjet/ Scramjet engines on the blackbird never reached full speed. Because there were humans on broad. All that was up and working in the 60’s.
    The only thing unique about a medical ID. Is if you want to carry it on your forehead, or the back of your hand. And legal is just a buzzword at this point.

  2. He and you are completely true here. The only thing he did not mention was the fact that if, as is already happening in some hospitals, aid is refused to people who have not taken the Corona Vax, it is perilously close to a failure of the Jews in the Attic Test, denial of services to some group that is on the outs with government.

  3. “This will include all the quality control and fraud issues of black markets.”

    Probably not much worse than what the medical establishment is currently.
    Not far into the book, but it’s eye-opening:
    Butchered by “Healthcare”, by Robert Yoho, MD

  4. “…the only way we will get government to stop controlling our health care is by an economic collapse of the Federal government.”

    There is another way, which does not entail any facet of economics.

  5. Paul is merely identifying the selling points of the ID scheme. They’re features, not bugs. They’re the very reasons they want it. Depending on his audience, they can be either sales pitches or dire prophecies, but they’re not going to end up having been deal killers.

    “…end all government control of our health care.”
    That’s probably one of the least likely scenarios in all of world politics today. Control of the entire medical field, as a lever of political power, has been a goal of the Progressive Marxist/fascist movement for generations. They’ll not let go of it until they’re forcefully dragged away from it, and they’ll be kicking, screaming, spitting, biting, lying like hell and murdering all along the way.

    ”… an economic collapse of the Federal government.”
    They’re working hard on that, but it won’t end their strangle-hold on the medical industry. It’ll make the average citizen more dependent on government. The economic collapse will be the most effective among the remnants of the more or less independent and productive population. That’s who it’s been designed to hurt the most. It’s making them (us) less able to support themselves and more beholden to government largess. Your Trump stimulus checks were just a little itty bitty taste of what’s to come.

    And you will notice, if you haven’t already, that although they occasionally make semi-libertarian noises, and occasionally slow down the inexorable, Long March toward global, totalitarian fascism and the ultimate murder-state, the Republican Party will do nothing to stop it, much less roll it back in any meaningful or permanent way. The two parties are partners in crime. All Paul is doing is placating a few hopefuls, for placated we must be, for as long as it is possible, for this to work.

  6. The”Universal Medical ID” will be sold as a safety and convenience. “If you sre ever in an accident…..” Every group practice, clinic and hospital is dependant on Medicare which sees, and I am sure records, everything. “In Theory” that data has a limited distribution and limited uses. I expect that limitation to end, which is what the Universal ID” is all about. I bet that such an ID system will have tons of “fine print”. Everything Nancy does, like sending a Seasons Greeting card, runs to a thousand or more pages. Ultimately, it will difficult to hide any information about something that is government mandated and financed. Physicians may have a sense of ethics and responsibility for patient welfare but I doubt if that extends to insurance companies that are primarily motivated by their profits. There are some things for which I will not use a check, credit card or debit card for, but that is of limited utility in today’s economy. The vaccines were originally for a “drop dead” dangerous disease but the risk v benefit calculation has changed quite a bit. Somebody must have figured out a way to skim the vaccination costs. This could all be based on “greed”.

    • It’s analogous to the social security number, which as the card says is “not for identification purposes” and originally was intended (or at least advertised as) only for administering social security benefits. Over time it evolved into a universal ID number. Recently that has changed slightly due to the “identity theft” issue. (Actually, it’s not “identity theft”, it is “government ID theft”.) But I remember medical offices telling me they were required to obtain my SSN, which is flat out false. And when I refused to give it, they dug it up anyhow — somehow, somewhere.

  7. I can see the advantages of such a system if only we had a government we could trust. That will never happen as long as we are yoked to the leftists in the big cities.

  8. “… if only we had a government we could trust. That will never happen as long as we are humans.”
    –fixed it for you–

    • Channeling Madison, eh. You might be right but the leftists with their totalitarian ideology do make it worse.

  9. There’s not going to be much of a “black market” in health care.
    Perhaps one will spring up for some more common pharmaceuticals
    but a lot of health care requires VERY expensive equipment and
    HIGHLY trained people. Not something that a black market can
    provide. You are NEVER going to see a black market CT scanner
    or MRI machine being touted.

    • The equipment and personal will be used during off hours and “off the books”.

      I’ve been there when it happened.

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