Quote of the day—Cantankerous Socialist @Cante12175815

Bless, did I hit a nerve Cletus

Perhaps you need to visit a gay bar and get rid of all that pent up frustration.

Toodle pip


Cantankerous Socialist @Cante12175815
Tweeted on September 20, 2021
[This was in response to receiving the honor of a Markley’s Law Monday quote of the day a couple weeks ago.

I would like to thank Cantankerous Socialist @Cante12175815 for confirming my previous diagnosis.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cantankerous Socialist @Cante12175815

  1. I wonder why all of the so-called woke socialists are so fast to use homophobic slurs against their political opponents. How can you claim to be so inclusive while at the same time are using the homosexual tag as an insult?

    • Same reason they all harbor incredible levels of racism. Because in their dirty little coal-black hearts, they’re all a pack of bigots.

  2. I supect that Cantankerous Socialist thought his little jibe was original and witty. He is so unaware that it was a numerous and common insult barely even noticed by his intended target.

  3. That person could be replaced with a very small shell script.

    Really, after the shebang line and sourcing /usr/local/lib/stdNPC.sh, you really don’t need a lot of customizing.

  4. Had a gay commie tell me once my problem was that I had repressed gay tensions. OK, So in reality your problem, is deep down your a hog fucking redneck? Was my reply.
    Like getting skull fucked by PhD’s to, I see.
    The look I got is a precious memory of mine.
    It seems critical thinking skills disappeared from German soil between 1850 and 1900? And the problem persist until today as a global elite and those that parrot the stupid. God help us.

  5. How did I know there would be cat in her profile pic before I clicked through?

    Oh, right, because Karen is always hosting a huge T. Gondi brain infection.

  6. So, the Cantankerous Socialist is speaking from experience and recommending what worked for him/her?

  7. What else would you expect? The more you reason with them, the more they’ll amp up the insults. And when insults fail, they’ll resort to goon squads and Molotov coctails, claiming all the while to be “anti fascist”, and fighting for “justice” and so on. Therefore I believe (contrary to my earlier belief) that it is best to avoid responding with insults, but instead with reason alone.

    That way they’ll have had no excuses, no way to say that they were taunted or any such. They’re going to want to break you, and kill you, either way of course, liberty and freedom of conscience being among the greatest of the plagues they’re trying to stamp out (with Christ being at the top of the list).

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