Quote of the day—Cantankerous Socialist (@Cante12175815)

you are a loud mouth pussy that would piss their pants if you had to get in a real fire fight and can’t get a hard-on without his AR15 penis extension so stop dreaming Cletus!

Cantankerous Socialist (@Cante12175815)
Tweeted on September 15, 2021
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! H/T to In Chains @InChainsInJail.

I find it interesting that there are some people delusional enough they believe they know the sexual functionality details of someone they have never met. And yet, their friends and relatives have not insisted they spend time attempting to recover while in a comfortable facility wearing a straitjacket.

Perhaps Obama Care doesn’t fund mental health care as well as is required to help such people. But, what can you expect from socialized medicine?—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cantankerous Socialist (@Cante12175815)

    • I will freely admit that, if I unexpectedly found myself in a firefight, I might well piss my pants. I’m human, I get scared, I have autonomic reflexes.

      The real question is, what would I do in addition to wetting myself? That is a question I hope I never need to answer … but in the event I’d much prefer having an AR than not, thankyouverymuch.

      (Edit: not sure why this posted as a reply to Carl rather than a standalone. Probably user error. Replacing user and pressing a key to continue…)

  1. You would think they would to, Bear. What’s strange to me is their always so progressive and ready to change everything. What does the 2A have to do with it?
    I mean there’s over a 100 million gun bon-ners? in this country. And growing everyday. Doesn’t that just create the right in their eyes?
    Since when does law, or legal have anything to do with how they think? They just reinterpret law anyway it suits them. Why can’t we? Even Mao said since we have the guns. We have the power, right?
    Law, is the cudgel of every tyrant that ever walked. And the end is near when they don’t even pretend to follow it themselves.
    We should all be proud gun-boners!

  2. I’ve often asked “If men are buying guns to compensate for small genitalia, what are women buying them for?!?”.

    I suspect people like this have little experience with firearms or are misplaced veterans who seem to think their experience in the military somehow gives them a privileged position to say you or I don’t “need an AR-15 because they carried such a rifle in the military and no private citizen needs that type of firepower”.

    Just dick stroking by other means in my book.

    I ignore these people or call them out for their Freudian obsession. So simplistically early 20th Century. You’d think after 100 years they’d come up with something more…progressive.

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