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  1. You think their pushing so hard and fast because their getting desperate? Like gun control. It’s just not quite working the way the computer modeled it? The way mass psychology for dumb-asses handbook said it would?
    They just can’t bring themselves to admit no one is going along with the lie? No matter how many people tell it?
    Justin thinks everybody flunked 8th. grade biology class? I probably did, and I still know that CO2 in any amount that humans can produce will never effect the climate on this planet.
    As for us being reduced. They got the talking part done.
    The game seems to be getting started with Cowboys and Haitians.

  2. Strong evidence points to the notion that we’re in a carbon famine right now. Obviously, most, if not all, of the carbon that’s now locked up in limestone, coal and oil deposits was once in the atmosphere, you know, during that Cambrian Explosion thingy when life abounded. Plants today will do much better with three to four times the CO2 than they’d be getting from our now carbon depleted atmosphere. Greenhouse farmers will purchase CO2 tanks and use them to enrich the air inside, and make the plants thrive.

    All that being said, yes, the globalist, Romish left starts with the notion of population reduction, and then makes up various narratives to justify it. It’s bad enough already, but they’re only just getting started. While it’s still difficult to start up the death camps in earnest, they can always make mobility, healthy living and productivity more and more difficult, complicated and expensive, and that’ll eventually have a similar effect.

    The idea of “overpopulation”, the “population time bomb” and of eliminating the “useless” populations goes way back to the early Progressive era more than 100 years ago (the same sort of stuff we were treated to as kids in elementary school in the early 1960s).

    Go ahead and search for the videos of George Bernard Shaw talking about this before W.W. II. You have to see it to understand it. It’s actually centuries older still, but THAT is the mentality at work today. They haven’t changed their mindset, doctrines or goals since; only the rationalizations and methods (which are now far more refined).

    And yet once more, if we didn’t have the moral fortitude and wherewithal to stop them 100 years ago, when they were less subtle about their aims and less skillful in psy-ops, and yet when stopping them would have been relatively easy, what’s to suggest that we’re even remotely capable of stopping them now, when all we can do is complain, posture, and boost our egos by calling them stupid? They run, or even own, the majority of the world now already. So who are the stupid ones? We can’t even name them, or their leaders, and we’re too afraid to even look.

  3. “ Do not be confused. YOU are the carbon they want to reduce.”

    That is just begging to be put on T-shirts and bumper stickers.

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