Ugly behavior

Via email from Chet who says, “The crack down/revolt is just beginning”:

Education leaders decry ‘ugly’ behavior by attendees at Washington state school board meetings

It wasn’t their mask mandate to make, but school officials are getting the heat all the same.

To reduce the chances for these types of conflicts, some school districts have resorted to calling the police preemptively to monitor meetings, Aune said, or moved their meetings online. The Seattle School Board, seeing cases arise across the state and country, brought on extra security to monitor in-person meetings and escort staff back to their cars over the summer, said Chandra Hampson, the board’s president. To make sure there was enough security at schools when the year began, the board briefly returned to remote sessions. Meetings will resume in person later this month.

Across the country, there have been similar displays, prompting the National Association of School Boards to call for the involvement of the FBI, the Department of Justice and other law enforcement authorities.

While I think a lot of the “facts” quoted by the anti-vax and anti-mask people are taken out of context and/or distorted the politicians believing they have the legitimate power to shut down the economy and force people to accept injections get zero support from me. In fact, I’m sometimes cheering on those opposing the politicians even though I think the opposition is for the wrong reasons.

We live in interesting times. The “ugly behavior” is likely to get uglier on all sides. Prepare appropriately.


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  1. Schools have become authoritarian nightmare. In our local school kids are not allowed be on their own nor allowed to walk to school without a parent. Even kids that ride the bus must have a parent meet them at the bus stop. When parents show up to pick up their kids they must have a special card so that the staff can release the kids when their car is in the loading area. And kids must wear a mask both indoors and outdoors and anyone on school grounds must wear a mask even if outside.

    Sad. I remember my mom pushing me out the door to walk a mile to school when I was 5 years old. Now kids cannot be on their own. Still it seems that at least some of kids know what is happening. My 8 year old granddaughter says it’s stupid.

  2. Masks do nothing to prevent or slow the spread of respiratory viruses. In fact, they have a negative component of restricting airflow and forcing you to rebreathe some of the germs your body expelled. Don’t take my word for it. Look up the scores of studies done over the last century, all of which show the same results.

    The Covid vexxine neither prevents you from catching or spreading the disease. It may make it slightly (around 20-30%) less likely for old people to die of the disease, at the cost of murdering tens of thousands of young people. Oh, and it’s probably breeding a stronger version of the virus to be more lethal in the future.

  3. “I’m sometimes cheering on those opposing the politicians even though I think the opposition is for the wrong reasons.”

    I think, in this instance, one can forgive doing the right thing for the wrong reasons; accomplishing the destruction of an evil state bureaucratic machine should take higher priority over purity of motive.

  4. The whole country is a powder keg waiting for a spark. It is always very difficult to tell when and where the spark will appear. Schools have a high potential because so many people are involved with them. It is also true that COVID and CRT are not the only areas of dysfunction in the schools.

    Seattle’s issue is probably crime rather than protest. I don’t know how many people have been to Goldendale but it is deep rural so there it is protest.

  5. I’ve heard it said If one is to find the true measure of a person. Give them power. Most are very poor at handling it. Trained communists are no different in that regard. And schools boards are just tiny-tyrants. And like cancer they steal from the productive and grow into a useless lump that kills the host.
    The take away is that if parents don’t like what’s go on now. They sure as hell ain’t going to like what comes next. And there’s always something next.
    Commies can’t stop the brainwashed feed back loop that imitates a thought process.
    And just like a junkie going to get their next hit. Not a seconds regard for the destruction they have caused will be given. Or the filth that is their lifestyle.
    This won’t end until parents become the communist worst nightmare. But don’t feel bad. It’s nothing the real communist won’t do to them when they come to power.
    If you don’t get rid of Joe Biden, your going to get a Joe Stalin.

  6. Someone might say, “This is America; when did speaking up about bad ideas at a school board meeting become ‘ugly behavior’, and when did warning someone that they can be voted off the school board in the next election become a ‘terroristic threat’?”
    This hasn’t been America for a long time.

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