Quote of the day—Hank Archer

We wouldn’t have to be Fascists if you deplorables would just do as you’re told!

Hank Archer
September 10, 2021
Comment to Quote of the day—Leana S. Wen
[He was summarizing the position of those in support of a vaccine mandate.

It’s funny because it’s (mostly) true. I’m not sure they are self aware enough to “get it”.—Joe]


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  1. Well…

    Damn, just damn.

    Some people have to learn the hard way. (Which I guess he’d say too)

    Jeff B.

  2. I am doing what I’m told. I just have a different commander in chief telling me what to do.
    And luck would have it. Also restrains me from doing what I want. And what seems needful to expunge the world of fascist communistic bitches!
    If you don’t like this arrangement. You won’t be liking the next turn it takes either.
    Little dick, big guns, Bad attitude. Hates communists.
    A little advice. Don’t be hating on your power meter. That six inch circle is an easy target.

  3. Yeah, I’m not sure most conservatives are capable of “getting it” either. Nor can most secularists ever really “get it” because they tend to assume that it’s all a simple matter of knowledge or the lack of knowledge, information or the lack thereof, or smarts or the lack of smarts. Newsflash; it isn’t any of those issues. It’s a powerlust, so strong that it drives the afflicted into a madness, the destructiveness of which is so difficult to comprehend that we tend to deny it instead of facing it. Nonetheless I’ll try once more to expose it;

    The mindset of the god-kings of old is not only the stuff of fairytales and of quaint stories of questionable veracity from ancient history. It is right here, right now. It has never changed and it has never left us. The actors are of the same mind as those you’ve read about in ancient times who regarded themselves as divine, demanded worship as deities, and would murder anyone who questioned them. This was notoriously the case during imperial Japan, by the way. Our parents had to fight them. We’re just one generation removed from that episode, so we really have no excuse for failing to understand it and recognize it when we see it coming in through our front door.

    We liberty-minded (so we think) Americans tend to view such people as silly, stupid, ignorant, backward, laughable, contemptible and all the rest. We see them as readily dismissible, but we have to understand that no matter how we may view them, they take themselves very, very seriously.

    In their afflicted minds, you are simply “not listening”, you simply “don’t get it”, and so on. And what you “don’t get” is their greatness, which comes from their power, which comes from their position, stature, station and title. It has nothing to do, necessarily, with knowledge, merit, skill or intelligence (however, some of them are quite learned and intelligent). Rather it is what they can do to you, and what you cannot do to them, which makes them great in their minds. And to some extent, from that position and mindset, they do have a point. They just have yet to get it through to you.

    One of those titles I referred to above is “Vicarius Filii Dei”, or, literally, “vicariously the son of god”. Yes, there is a man, in this world, in this day and age, even now, calling himself that. With people taking titles like that, even taking themselves ever so seriously, you should be well able to comprehend the mindset behind it, even while you disagree with it and oppose it, finding it repulsive. You can laugh at them and make jokes about them, but they’ll gladly make an example out of you, when the time is right, by throwing you to the lions or into a fiery furnace, so to speak, or by ruining your economy and social coherence, for not bowing down and worshiping them. For your crime of “not getting it”, no punishment is too extreme because your crime is a crime against the whole world system. You live at its pleasure, for it is, in essence, god.

    So now maybe you can understand that you’re simply “not getting it”, in their way of seeing things. Also, you’re “not listening”. You are “failing” to “ascend” to agreement with them (this is how they actually speak, by the way. These are their words) and thus in your insolence and extremism you’re threatening “the common good”, threatening the “peace”, sowing discord, and indeed you may be threatening the very survival of “our common home”, and so on and suchlike. If you don’t comprehend who it is that’s in charge, who holds the power and who makes the decisions, well then, you simply need a “better education” to “set your mind right”. And that can be arranged.

    It is the ultimate in presumption, arrogance, and self delusion, sure, but knowing that, and seeing it, doesn’t help one bit. That mindset WILL vindicate itself through the exercise of power, AND it knows exactly what it is doing, and how to do it. It’s the troll that will smash your head in, or incinerate a city, and then say, “Who’s the smart one now?!” It’s that mindset which will murder the god-emperor and then expect you to bow down to it as the new god-emperor. It’s not that might makes right. It’s that might is right, and is to be worshipped as such, under pain of death (it’s mockery of Christ, of course, but I’ve already address that, many times).

    OK, so I want a show of hands. Do you all “get it” now? Do you “grok” that ancient mindset which is now reasserting itself worldwide under our very noses while we make jokes about it?

    • I’ll raise my hand although I have a more secular view. I prefer Pogo “we have met the enemy and he is us”.

      They are gods because of tech. In our lifetimes we have gone from a world of scarcity to a world of plenty all because of tech. Remember the 70s? The world was coming apart as described by the Club of Rome. Tech came to the rescue not only in resources, but in knowledge and markets as well.

      Now the gods have their set sights on human behavior and the deplorables are standing in the way.

      • The main driver behind our current prosperity isn’t tech, it was the somewhat free market. Without freedom, inventions are not allowed. Without a relatively free market protected by the rule of law, there’s no point in working hard to bring an invention to reality, or to otherwise better oneself – the baron, king, or gang boss will just take your profits, if you’re allowed to sell your products at all.

        Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Imperial China, and the Caliphate each began by adopting new tech, but then advances ceased for centuries or even millenia as preserving their position became the first priority of the elite. Western Christianity could have gone the same way, but fortunately power remained splintered between the church, the several kings, the many nobles, the bourgeoisie, and the peasants who supported all the others. Steel-working quietly advanced through the medieval period, while historians and other members of the elite remained blissfully unaware until knights could wear hardened plate armor instead of chain mail, but were shot out of the saddle by peasants with muskets. Ship building and navigation, water and wind power, and many other things also quietly advanced, until the foundations were laid for the industrial revolution.

        The first country to benefit from the industrial revolution was England, which was not particularly free, but freer than most nations of the time. (E.g., there were yeomen where the French and Germans had serfs.) The greatest eventually beneficiary was the USA, after throwing off British rule and adopting the minimum necessary government. In 150 years, the USA went from a string of barely civilized towns on the edge of a continent to the nation that won world wars just by producing more weapons than any other country could dream of.

        But we haven’t stuck to that minimum government – and the fools currently in charge want to make that much worse. If they get their way, they’ll destroy the basis of prosperity – and blame the failures on “deplorables”, etc.

    • Petty good description of the gamma “secret king” when given power. He SO wants to be the alpha leader, but he doesn’t have the skills and personality to actually be the respected leader. Because he can’t lead by inspiration (he’s way to pathetic) he must lead by fear and cruelty, like the emperor with no clothes telling the crowd anyone who doesn’t like his new wardrobe will be executed.

  4. Yeah, well, we wouldn’t have to be so disobedient if you would just stop ordering us around.

  5. The capacity for self delusion by people….especially leftists…is simply phenomenal.
    Remember….these are the idiots who ACTUALLY believe there are more than two genders.

    • There are two sexes and three genders, that last I learned in German language class fifty years ago. Thanks to Puberty blocking hormone therapy we may find that we have a third sex as well.

  6. The terrifying bit is I have no idea if this is real, or satire. What a clown world we live in!

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