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What other social engineering goals can be rolled into your annual booster shot in the future once you are permanently bound to these annual jabs and vaccine passports? In an atmosphere of hysteria, it’s a system ripe for abuse by opportunists, ideologues, power hungry totalitarians, and Malthusian social engineers. The snowball doesn’t have to grow by design. Mission creep happens all on its own once Pandora’s Box is opened to coerced vaccinations and conditional rights. The road to Hell is frequently paved by good intentions… and hysteria.

Julius Ruechel
September 2, 2021
The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service)
[Via email from Rolf.

I’m far more inclined to believe there is “mission creep” without “design” rather than a well executed grand conspiracy. Not that it makes all that much difference except, perhaps, in the penalty phase of their trials.—Joe]


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  1. It seems mission creep is almost impossible to stop in any large organization. Add in incorrect assumptions, faulty data and a cup or two of political expediency and you get where we are today.

    Why no talking head asks Herr Doctor Fauci why 97% effectiveness in trials is suddenly 66% effectiveness in reality only adds to the issue.

  2. Where was the mission creep in polio vaccines and smallpox vaccinations, which were mandatory? Sometimes the paranoia amongst my fellow conservatives gets a bit hard to stomach.

  3. The mission creep started with Bush’s reaction to 9/11:

    “The legacy of 9/11 was a complete assault on individual rights, the rule of law, transparency, oversight, due process, and the democratic process, with Bush and Cheney building a whole extralegal justice system, complete with secret budgets and prisons, whose entire purpose was to deny rights to America’s “enemies.” This period was so devastating to the principles of fairness and transparency that even the ACLU eventually gave up caring, eventually becoming just another undisguised partisan collection plate that recently reversed course from previous vaccine mandate policy just in time for Biden’s vaccine plan.

    These John Thunes and Mike Meadowses and Mike Lees whining about Biden’s “dictatorial” vaccine mandate this week would have a lot more credibility if they could bring themselves to denounce things like no-fly lists or “targeted killing” or rendition or indefinite detention or a dozen other horrors committed in their party’s name in the last twenty years on general principle, not just for partisan reasons. If you only care now that some of these tools are being aimed at your voters, that makes you more of an asshole, not less.

    What’s happening to Republicans now also should, but won’t be, an object lesson to all the triumphalist armchair Stalins watching MSNBC this weekend who can’t wait to unleash the hounds of state on vaccine holdouts, insurrectionists and other pests. When it comes to authoritarian politics, if you make the bed, you’d better be prepared to lie in it yourself. Because sooner or later, you will, and unless you had principled objections throughout, no one will shed a tear when it happens. ”


    • I concur. But I think it started long before the Bushshevics came on stage.
      Remember, The constitution and the bill of rights had to be forced on congress by Shay’s rebellion.
      This is just a new battle front in a very old war.

        • Ya, slow down there Johnny. Just because we agree on something.
          Don’t mean were going to be taking long warm showers till the wee hours of the morn’in.

  4. I’m pretty sure; “The manufactured Illusion”. Lays it out very clear. Complete with patent numbers. That this was all done on purpose. And for profit.
    The surprise was how deep the hole was. That debate could be cancelled all the way down to the local level.
    Mission creep is how bureaucratic systems are designed work. Just like pike proteins.
    Our problem is we carry guns. And were ready to fight. But seem to refuse to believe that evil would confront us in another manner. Or that their could be a group of people in power that wants us ALL dead. Just to gain power and profit while doing it.
    Evil is always on the attack. Through plot or opportunity.
    And Jesus told us. ” What I say unto one, I say unto all, watch.”

    • What happens to their profits if they allegedly want to kill off about 50% of the population? Even most parasites stop short of killing their hosts.

      • 50%? You are being MUCH TOO CONSERVATIVE. Those clowns want to reduce us to a maximum world population of 10% of current, and some want only about a million or less. They think humans are a pox on the world, and are willing to pursue that. It’s a belief system, it doesn’t have to make sense in any real fashion. Some are VERY rich, and are willing to work at it. When someone with the resources of Bill Gates applies himself to that sort of project, expect that progress will be made.

        It’s early, but the vaxx seems to be showing an ability to sterilize both male and female. This will take time to manifest in numbers that can be tracked. If true, this alone will reduce the world population significantly. Not to the numbers they want, but it’s a start.

      • Would Hitler have been better off keeping Jewish Germans as his workforce? Would those same Jews be served better by thinking, He won’t kill us. Were his workforce?
        Here we are again.
        Profit is just a means to an end. Viruses and parasites kill their hosts all the time.
        It’s just the nature of addiction. And power. They can’t help themselves.
        I think the Marque de Sade once said; If killing a 100 people gave one no more pleasure than a good evenings meal. Then you should do it.
        Trying to understand psychopaths is way beyond me. The better pursuit is to observe and avoid them if one can.
        And never be afraid to do to them. As they would you, first.

  5. Yeah…..we certainly don’t know ALL the plans the commies have regarding
    the “vaccine” mandates and what they want to accomplish. But you can bet
    that they DO HAVE PLANS.

  6. Seems to me it’s ’bout time to start drillin’ holes in the trunk lids of our vehicles(giving credit to the two DC dudes)…

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