Of course there is Wi-Fi

Earlier this evening I finished installing and testing the solar powered Wi-Fi for my gun range:


I’m paying for 6Mpbs/3Mpbs and SpeedTest.net says this is what I’m getting from a server in Seattle at 9:30 PM and two Wi-Fi hops from my router which is a half mile away:


I’m pleased with the result.


4 thoughts on “Of course there is Wi-Fi

  1. Nice. Are you using a directional antenna to get to your router? If not, that might be an enhancement worth doing, it seems you should be able to go half a mile — or a fair amount more — in one hop with a directional antenna.

    • It is parabolic antenna with 24 dBi gain from the router to the station you see in the picture which has a 11 dBi gain. The second station in the same picture also has 11 dBi of gain to illuminate the range area. A few years ago the same equipment was used to go two miles in a single hop.

      In this case one hop requires traversing a couple hundred feet of dirt. I could get a signal but it was unreliable.

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