Range construction is complete

The range proper is complete. I have some grass to plant and a few other niceties to finish up but it is entirely functional now.

The shooting box is at 15 yards.

This is from about 35 yards.


The pavers protect the washed river rock and drain tile directly underneath from dirt.

I need to get some target stands for USPSA paper and steel targets and a full set of Steel Challenge targets. That probably won’t happen until next year.


11 thoughts on “Range construction is complete

  1. Muy bueno, Joe!
    And if you ever need any help reducing that 20 to 1 deer traffic problem…

    • If you’re serious and want to hunt in Idaho send me email and I’ll connect you with Brother Doug. He coordinates the hunters on our property so there aren’t multiple hunting parties in the same area at the same time.

      • Thank you! Maybe someday I can. Actually, The wife and I are currently setting up nest in G-ville. Just to the south of you.
        Was planning on offering you help in coming Boomershoots. As I know any event of that magnitude requires countless menial tasks be performed. To some of which I might be suited.
        I’m thinking this year I might get the old bones up to unit 20 for an early mule deer. And missing there, I can fall back closer to home for a whitetail in unit 14.
        Next year the hunting rules change on that.
        Anyway, I look forward to meeting you one day. And If you have any questions about concrete, or need a second and possible worthless opinion about construction. Feel free to ask!
        Thanks again!

    • Stop by sometime when I’m around and I’ll set up some Steel Challenge like stages for you to shoot at.

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