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President Biden’s much-hyped new strategy for fighting covid-19 is a tepid half-measure that falls short of the dramatic reset the country needs. The six-pronged strategy announced on Thursday can be summarized as “more of the same” — these are good steps in the right direction, but they’re not enough to get the job done.

Biden needs to acknowledge that we have reached the end of the line when it comes to asking individuals to get vaccinated. We’ve tried education, incentives and appealing to people’s patriotic duty. It’s not working. Now is the time for mandates, with the federal government using the full extent of its authority.

Leana S. Wen
September 9, 2021
Biden’s six-step covid strategy does not go far enough to compel vaccinations
[As President Biden said:

This is not about freedom or personal choice.

Actually, it is about freedom and personal choice. And the lack of authority of the executive branch to create law without going through the legislative branch. And the lack of constitutionality authority for the Federal government to force the injection of foreign substances into individuals without consent.

In short, this action is clearly illegal. It violates 18 USC 242 and probably numerous other laws.

Of course, the courts may not see this as clearly as the rest of us.

If the President has this authority then he also has the authority to force the injection of an abortifacient, a birth control drug, implant fertilized eggs, or sterilize those deemed unfit to reproduce (see previous link). We are no longer considered individuals with inalienable rights. We are little different from cattle in their treatment (no pun intended) of us.

For decades I believed the most likely spark to start Civil War II would be something related to guns. I now think the insanity over forced vaccinations could nudge out gun control.—Joe]


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  1. Re: CW II, excellent point and what I’ve been thinking for the past day. Dopey Joe himself makes the point that this is 80 million people or about 25% of the population.

    Are they prepared for the resultant shortage in labor as these currently working people leave various job sites. Hospitals, Power Plants, Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment Plants, Delivery Services, and so on… Delay the average persons Amazon Order and it’ll be a crisis. Allow their drinking water to become non potable and they’ll really find out what urgency means.

    Just for fun go to the New York Fishwrap and see today’s article, “ Biden Mandates Vaccines for Workers, Saying, ‘Our Patience Is Wearing Thin’”, and read the comments. Talk about an echo chamber or group think! These people thirst for the all powerful State. There’s even a few anti 2A rants in there, preparing for the inevitable violence that these intolerable acts will bring on.

    Jeff B.

    • This is how it will be. Do what we tell you to do, and we won’t have to force you. If you refuse, we will have to compel you, and after that it will be into protective custody (Schutzhaft) as it was for the first undesirables. That will morph seamlessly into relocation in the East. Or wherever it is deemed optically most favorable to send these new undesirables.

      And as for free people thirsting for an all powerful state, children alternately thirst for freedom and for an all powerful parent, one which does everything they demand. They thirst for a return to infancy when the boundary between mother and themselves was non-existent. They are immature to the point of psychosis. And the Sociopaths exploit that as much as they can.

  2. We have been at war with China – a covert and stealthy war of economics, manipulation, PR, infiltrations via students and employees and immigrants, and all by means other than open military conflict – for decades. We have a bioweapon that originated in China running through our population and around the world. We have a physically repulsive looking Chinese immigrant at the head of our health department demanding we forcibly inject mystery goo made by a company with legal liability immunity into our veins on a regular basis…

    It’s like a setup in a budget horror movie where they split up to find someone, and everyone in the audience is yelling at the screen, and thinking sarcastically “What could possibly go wrong?”

  3. I agree. It looks like the officials are just getting started ‘weeding’ out the deplorables. While in Colorado I met a 15 year gang policewoman that was quitting because of the vaccine mandate. She is moving to a small town deep in flyover country and in essence is choosing to be canceled rather than submit.

  4. I have no idea what the overall or regional or local or industry vax rate it.
    Where my wife works, she thinks there are only two not vaxxed in the whole office (~100 people). Where I work I know there are a least 3/20 who are not. Other places are much lower vaxx rates. There is a lot of pressure to do so around here. Other side of the mountains, a lot less. Talked to a principal where there is a possible job on the other side of the mountains, and her response to the vax question was a prompt “we approve exemption requests,” said in a way that sort of implied they really did rubber stamp them if not outright encourage them.
    Strange times, indeed.

  5. The Threepers get their name from the 3% of the American colonial population that were motivated by their patriotism (or their anger at mistreatment by the British) to actively take part in rebellion against their government at the time, either with arms or other non-passive logistical support.

    If/when this lights off, I think Biden has just done his part to make sure future generations of patriots are talking about the Tenpers. I’m also not betting against the Twelpers or possibly the Twenpers.

  6. The Not-president said it all. “Were going to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.” Huh, What??? To say nothing of Nuremburg trials?
    At this point we can firmly say this has nothing to do with anyone’s health. And everything to do with the main point of propaganda.
    You know what their telling you to do is a harmful lie. But you feel powerless against it.
    And now we see it’s not a cattle car their pushing us into. It’s a Jonestown juice injection. And a civil war. And an economic crisis, And an invasion. And world humiliation. And the butt of a joke, that even the Taliban can understand.
    Someone wants us off the world stage proto. And their going to get it. That part is certain.
    What is also clear is that any business demanding a vaccine passport really doesn’t like their electrical power meter very much? Selah.

    • They only have to “protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated” because it’s not a vaccine. (Or it wasn’t, until the CDC quietly changed the definition of “vaccine” and “vaccinate” as of Sept 1.)

      A real vaccine imparts immunity. If you have immunity, you cannot get re-infected; the virus cannot survive in your body long enough to propagate effectively. That’s true of the vaccines for measles, varicella, polio, smallpox, and a host of other pathogens for which we as a society have typically vaccinated. There’s no other “protection” needed for the vaccinated.

      The COVID-19 shots do NOT impart immunity. At best, they reduce the symptoms and their severity — with the effect that infected people feel fine and go about their business, infecting others the whole time. Reducing symptom severity to prevent hospitalizations and deaths is a laudable goal — for which the shots may or may not be a good prophylactic — but it falls short of the traditional, unabridged definition of “vaccine”.

      Additionally, the statement that there’s a need to “protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated” is an implicit admission that the “vaccines” do not work. If the shots keep people from feeling sick, being hospitalized, or dying, there’s no need for extra protection.

      Maybe what we need to do is stop testing people once they’ve had their shots OR recovered from COVID. Just assume they’re protected and move on. Ongoing testing like that is only going to make the “surge in cases” seem bigger than it is.

      Which is probably why they’ll insist on it. Whatever keeps the Fear Media rolling….

      • Currently, Israeli vaxxed are dying of covid at just under 97% of all covid deaths there. Not much protection, apparently.

        • The correct statistic would be comparing the percentage of people who are vaccinated dying compared to the percentage of unvaccinated people dying.

          To make this clear, imagine 99.9% of a population of 1,000,000 were vaccinated. Hence 999,000 are vaccinated and 1,000 are not.

          If 1% of the unvaccinated were dying (10) and 0.1% of the vaccinated (999) are dying that would mean 99.01% of those dying have been vaccinated. So, even though those vaccinated are 10 times less likely to die there are 100 times more vaccinated people dying that unvaccinated.

      • A real vaccine imparts immunity. If you have immunity, you cannot get re-infected

        There are various levels of immunity. And there are various effectiveness of vaccines.

        I know someone who contracted COVID-19 twice (about nine months apart). My middle daughter contracted chickenpox twice (about a month apart). So, even natural “immunization” doesn’t have 100% effectiveness.

        The vaccines (or whatever you want to call the mRNA shots, and keep in mind the J&J COVID-19 shot is a more traditional vaccine and has more lethal side effects than the mRNA shots) have never been claimed to be 100% effective. Even if they are only 50% (technically even less, such as 10%) effective they can be an an important component of eliminating the virus from our population. It all depends on the R0 of the contagion. You need to get the R0 of the population below 1.0 and the contagion will die out. If R0 is 1.1, the vaccine is 50% effective, and 50% of the population is vaccinated then people stop getting sick after a few generations of infections.

        People judging the utility of the vaccine by the criteria that some, or even all, vaccinated people are still capable of infecting others are overlooking an important point. What needs to be considered is the R0 of vaccinated versus unvaccinated people.

        It annoys me that people say something to the effect, “If I’m vaccinated and I have to wear a mask anyway that means the vaccine is worthless.” Wrong.

        If the R0 of vaccinated people is greater than 1.0 then there needs to be additional measures taken to stop the spread. Suppose with with 50% of the population vaccinated R0 has been reduced from 2.0 down to 1.5. Perhaps 75% of people wearing masks and 50% of the population vaccinated will result in a R0 0.9. That would stop the spread. It could be that if 90% of the population is vaccinated no one would have to wear a mask.

        I just made numbers up to illustrate the general idea. But please don’t claim the vaccine is useless just because some, or even all, vaccinated people can still catch and spread the disease unless you have the R0 numbers to defend your claim.

  7. We wouldn’t have to be Fascists if you deplorables would just do as you’re told!

    • I made a humorous pop culture reference earlier todays, and thanks to someone that wouldn’t get the joke, I’ve wound up in a “thoughtful face-shooting as a expression of public virtue” kind of mood. Anyone want to talk me down before I say something I’ll regret?

  8. Anti-science masquerading as science while asserting the authority of infallibility. Ah yes, this is only a rehash of the anti-Christ system masquerading as Christian while asserting infallibility, and authority, “even over the precepts of Christ” (their words, not mine).

    We could say the same thing about our anti-American anti-government masquerading as a legitimate, constitutional government, pretending to serve the people while working against them, and asserting total authority over the interpretation of the constitution.

    It seems to be a very popular model, but then satan is the master of reversal.

    And so we can now see our anti-government partnered with the anti-Christ (which is the institution of the papacy), and with anti-science, and they’re all on the same page, singing the same tunes and making the same assertions, along with Hollywood, the anti-news media and our institutions of anti-education.

    Thus we can now readily see the model for the new world order. You don’t have to read the actual playbook to comprehend it in its implementation.

    And so who or what is the enemy of this brave and audacious new world, which is but a rehash of the old world and which is also called Babylon? Well of course the enemy of today’s world would be the same as the enemy of the old world— Bible believing Christians, the Ten Commandments, and Christ himself, which the powers of Babylon jealously mock. Likewise therefore, you know who the enemy is by who they mock, and you know that they know who and what the real authority is by who and what they pretend to be.

    I don’t ask you to believe me today, but only to remember what I said after it becomes more and more difficult to deny it. If you understand the history of Rome and of the Protestant Reformation and the Dark Ages, then you can probably see it already. Otherwise, just give it time (but not too much time).

    As for gun rights, they only partly enter into the picture, and only as a sign.
    “He who hath not a sword, let him sell his garment and buy one, for it is written, He [Christ] shall be reckoned among the transgressors.” – Jesus

    I take that to mean, in addition to being a fulfillment of prophecy, that the act of carrying a personal weapon is a sign of individual freedom of conscience, which is something that Babylon CANNOT tolerate and which will therefore always be associated with transgression. Individual freedom of conscience is one of the key issues in the war in Heaven and in the creation and history of this world. It goes to the legal implications of the great controversy between satan and Christ. And so of course, individual freedom of conscience, one of the most amazing and oft misunderstood gifts of creation, and always a matter of debate, will be always a key issue with Babylon as she attempts to corrupt its meaning and eventually snuff it out.

  9. I would have though a stolen election would have been the ignition event. Of course, I was wrong, at least this time but it does show that such things are unpredictable and random. It’s coming but it is impossible to say when or how.

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