7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Nick Gillespie

  1. My hypothesis is that we are living in an out of balance Yin Yang world brought about by our tech, supply chains, and overall abundance of material goods. And yes, it is a dystopia disconnected from reality.

    • Said another way is that our out of balance Yin Yang world is driven by deflation/inflation. During deflation there is plenty to go around so people become more Yin. During inflation there is not enough to go around so people become more Yang.

  2. At least you can still get TM 31-210 and canned corn beef on Amazon. So it not that bad….Yet.

  3. To the corrupt mind, truth becomes the enemy. It will be said that there is no objective truth at all, but only the inventions of the imaginations and visions of men. At that point, because “your truth” is therefore no more valid than “my truth” it becomes all about who can make the more powerful or compelling assertions or gain the most followers, and so on. In its essence it’s the mafia mentality and mafia (i.e. Romish, i.e. fascist) system. Therefore anything goes; mostly deception and brute force (the carrot and the shtick). At that point, if there is to be any “truth”, it will be only that which comes, by decree, from the power authorities, and everyone else must “ascend” to agreement with said decrees or they’ll be done away with. It’s a system as old as the hills.

    When truth is the enemy, and it surely is, then it’s all about anything but the truth. It doesn’t matter terribly much what it is, so long as it’s not the truth.

    Christ says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” The world, on the other hand, says, “No, we don’t want any part of that”, and so now it’s about deception, secrets, lies, power, larceny and death. It can be sold as though it were truth and life itself, of course, and so millions of people will eat it up like it’s manna from Heaven, and they’ll attack anyone who even remotely threatens their fake system. Welcome to the Dark Ages 2.0

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