Quote of the day—Hank Robar

You’ve got some people, they’ve got a little authority in a village and they always think they can push it a little further. But I think now people realize that they do have rights. You just gotta stick up for them.

Hank Robar
September 7, 2021
Meet the Property Owner Who Created a Toilet Garden to Protest Local Officials
[My impression is that more and more people are realizing they have rights and that they have to stick up for them.

I just wish we had prosecutors who would prosecute some politicians, but I realize that is extremely unlikely to happen.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Hank Robar

  1. Posit;

    If we’re not prosecuting politicians on a fairly constant basis, and getting convictions, then we are certainly in the process of failing as a society.

    By “fairly constant” I mean that in a sparsely populated, mostly rural county like Latah County in Idaho we should be seeing at least a few prosecutions and convictions per year. In, say, King County, WA there should be dozens of on-going cases at any given moment. That would go for city, county, district and state employees, politicians, judges, cops, et al.

    Without prosecuting the worst form of perpetrators (those charged with, and sworn to, upholding the rights of the people) we are asking for decline, demanding destruction and guaranteeing eventual collapse into violent authoritarianism.

    Again and again, it is as if you’d hired a nanny to watch over your children while you’re working to support your estate, and that nanny only ever sought the job, in the first place, so as to have access to children to abuse and to a household to loot. The nanny forms a coalition with the other servants and eventually, incrementally, they take over the entire estate and kick you out. This is all of politics in America today. There’s only one possible eventual outcome, and so long as we tolerate it we’re asking for it.

    • Agreed, But prosecutions most often don’t set the correct example.
      Where light post hangings and liberal amounts of tar and feathers seem better suited.
      I think were far to civilized for most part.

  2. It’s always a balancing act. To have a civilization, and not create political sewing-circles, that are always exploited by the ignorant, bored little tyrants.
    Why would I trade one tyrant, 3,000 miles away. For 3,000 tyrants, one mile away?
    As Shay’s rebellion was to the point of open warfare a scant 10 years after the Revolutionary war. Go figure.
    It is a pickle to which humanity will not get away from. And another reason to always be ready and willing to fight.

  3. For decades….and I mean DECADES….the commie left has pushed away at us, whittling down our rights one tiny law at a time. They try the same evil abusive things OVER AND OVER AND OVER knowing that eventually they will get lucky and get a clearly abusive and unconstitutional law passed and signed. They do this very simply because they pay NO PRICE WHATSOEVER for their nonstop evil assault on freedom and Rights. And as long as that is reality they have NO REASON TO QUIT. So they won’t. They will never give up, never go away and never cease their efforts to destroy America, freedom and US. The ONLY way to stop them is to KILL THEM. And unless that reality is embraced and acted upon then THEY WIN……FOREVER.

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