Quote of the day—Sumera Siddiqi

Humanity needs to become a bigger priority in this state. This means that stricter gun control is necessary. Our government should listen to its people and make them feel safe, rather than allowing a law as dangerous as permitless carry.

Sumera Siddiqi
Liberal studies freshman at University of Houston
August 9, 2021
Permitless carry infringes on the right to safety
[Is it truth or is it a caricature? Sometimes it is so hard to tell.—Joe]


20 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sumera Siddiqi

  1. There is of course no such thing as “right to safety” — much less what she actually demands, a “right to feel safe”.
    But even if there were, Constitutional Carry supports that right rather than infringing on it. One wonders if she’s an immigrant from the Middle East — her name suggests that might be the case. If so, she should be very aware of the dangers of a government monopoly on force — every Arab country is an example of that, not to mention Iran or Turkey.

    • We have medicinal and recreational marijuana because people want to “feel safe”, that is, not have the feelings of anxiety that come from having a clear mind that can process subtle signs of danger.
      The same people (Literally, sometimes) who want to base every decision on feelings also want the right to numb themselves to those same feelings, so they can “feel safe”.

  2. It’s a very… ethnic… name, so I’d say it’s serious. Most of the world talks a big game about “humanity” then acts anything but.

    • Yeah, from the famous Siddiqis of Imaginary County Texas, heroes of the Battle to Invade Texas via fraud, pioneers of subverting high trust society, paragons of “my country sucks so let me come make yours suck too” culture.

    • Is the name original (issued at birth) or was it procured later second-hand?

      Point-of-origin data, if any exists, might be a useful indicator of other conditions.

  3. Right, so in the name of “humanity” and compassion and love, peace, fraternity, unity, safety, puppies and kittens, lollipops and gumdrops, milk and honey and summers without end, for putting an end to sickness and injury or any discomfort ever, and in the name of and all things good and holy, “We” must have a totalitarian, authoritarian world government. That’s the message, and we already know where it leads.

    The Bible has this to say about it;
    “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3 KJV

  4. The humanity! I wonder why it can’t see that’s exactly what open carry is responding to? As pkoning already mention.
    The larger problem lies with knowledge. As the whole world’s history of humanity. Both good and evil. Is at our fingertips. And has availed almost nothing?
    One only need watch a couple Mark Dice videos to know what Solomon said about humanity, Vainity, vanity, all is vainity.
    Is Sumera that ignorant of humanity? That unrestrained humanity is wicked beyond belief. As we see today.
    Or is Sumera just another evil communist puppet?
    No matter. Sumera obviously doesn’t understand what’s about to go down in this country. It’s about to get a history lesson it might not survive.

  5. Liberal Studies.
    Nowadays, that is a total waste of time and money. Shame she won’t learn anything useful about Liberalism, and how it is destroying this nation. Then again, she arrived at school as dumb as a post, it seems, so she won’t have to actually learn anything new.

    • Ya, but before it went to school it had a chance to learn. Now it’s locked in box-o-rocks IQ territory. All for just $99-ninety and change!
      And to think it could have just gotten a frontal lobotomy for under 5 grand?

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