Quote of the day—Larry Keane

There are lies, damned lies and gun control lies. The problem with the gun control lies is that those who continue to spout them have no shame even when they’ve been proven wrong.

Larry Keane
August 9, 2021
NSSF: There’s one thing those who are pushing for gun control don’t want you to know. It’s called “the truth”.
[As Lyle sometimes points out, a case could be made that they take pride in their lies.—Joe]


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  1. Absolutely. The Ignatian system (after Ignatius Loyola, one of the early influencers of the Jesuit Order) relies on emotion, imagination, dreams, visions and apparitions as a significant part of an overall methodology for re-making one’s self and in turn of re-making the world in one’s own image (or in their case, the image of the pope). That it doesn’t comport with reality is a feature, not a bug. It is “The Way”, if you will. I encourage all reading this to look it up for yourselves.

    This is how we’ve come to the point where you can have “your facts”, and I can have “my facts”. These different sets of “facts” don’t necessarily have anything in common, and may be contradictory, and yet still may be regarded as “facts”. To the Romish left it is reasonable for our “facts” to be irreconcilable and still “factual”, given that you have your life “experiences” and I have my own, presumably different “experiences”, and so who are you to question my “experiences”? Only I can speak from my “experiences” and only you can speak from your “experiences” and so no one has any right to question another. If I accuse you of being disconnected from reality, i.e. of being a liar, then I’m denying you your “experiences” and in so doing I’m a bigot and a persecutor, and so on, and so now I’m the one that should be silenced and not the obvious liar!

    It’s all quite ridiculous, and yet convenient for the forces of evil, which run on lies and deceit, and of course it’s extremely destructive.

    Also, of course, the old phrase, “All is fair in love and war” (itself a lie) is applied to politics literally all the time, every minute of every of hour of every day. Under that paradigm, even the most transparent and ridiculous lies, if they advance the agenda, are not only acceptable but encouraged and quite laudable. This is how the name, Bork, for example (after Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork), came to be a verb. Your party doesn’t like someone for some reason? Bork him! If it comes out later for all to see that you deliberately made up a stack of lies a mile high, so what? You got the job done and that’s what matters, and good for you! You move to the top of the class. “Courage”! (as Dan Rather put it).

    And, fully in character and quite predictably, while I was at my mother’s place last week, she having the Olympic Games on the TV, they had a great big banner put up in the arena, stating, “United by Emotion”, making sure that it got ample camera time. This stands in stark contrast with being united by truth. Truth is the enemy here, and emotion is the solution.

    So this is what’s been in the works for many generations, and the forces of evil in their pride are being quite open about it now because they already know that most people today are all-in with it. It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful, it’s glorious, it’s spectacular, it’s compelling, it’s thrilling, all the world loves it and participates in it, and it will kill and is killing untold millions and causing mass destruction.

    “And all the world wondered after the beast.”

  2. Right, and so the point of bringing all of this up, that lying is a technique and a tactic, practiced, studied, developed over many generations, perfected and turned into a beautifully subtle and highly advanced applied science, is this:
    How numb are we for trying to “educate” the liars?

    How disconnected from reality, how blind, how inattentive must we be that, while an all-out war is being waged against truth itself, we’re still trying to “convince” the enemy that he’s hurting us?

    Well DuuuuUUUUUHHHH!

    I would say that this sad state of affairs is perhaps as much a condemnation of us as it is of the liars, cheats, thieves and killers themselves. THEY know this quite well. Why are we in denial?

    Well it’s the old story of Cain, isn’t it? And of his mark, and all of that, which maybe you forgot, or maybe failed to learn or understand in the first place.

  3. Well duh! Their F–king communist man! Lyle is absolutely correct. They lie about everything. They refuse to believe their own lying eyes.
    Anyone with half a brain can see that the policies put forward on every talking point the left has is a lie. It’s suppose to be.
    That how de-moralization works. Your suppose to know it’s a lie. And feel helpless against it. Especially after they show they will enforce the lie.
    Governments have been using this tactic for a hundred years or more.
    Arbeit mach frei, anyone? What was that all about?
    Government has always been about keeping productive people working for rich people.
    What were witnessing today is psychopathic rich people entertaining themselves.
    Just like Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

  4. To the left truth, facts, reality….ALL are malleable and subjective. Things to change, twist and warp to suit your needs and agenda.

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