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We woke libruls don’t need no fancy book learning.

Ted Cruz @tedcruz
Tweeted on August 11, 2021
[This is in regard to this:Image

This sounds like the “logic’ used for a lot of the push for more people to get college degrees and why it should be free in the last few decades., “People with college degrees earn more money and have better lives. Everyone should get college degrees.”

It, perhaps deliberately, confuses cause and effect. People with certain college degrees had the aptitude to understand and apply the course material required for high paying jobs in certain fields. It wasn’t just a generic college degree that resulted in high paying jobs. The English, psychology,  music, art appreciation, etc. degrees did not correlate with high paying jobs like the medical, legal, engineering, finance, and business degrees. But the political sounds bites led you to believe it was the degree and not the person able to acquire the degree that made the difference between the degreed and non-degreed.

It appears the failed (for certain definitions of “failed”, one can make the case it was deliberate deception which worked exactly as planned) college degrees for everyone project is now being implemented at the high school level.

And so now, it is clear we need to add Oregon to the list of states circling the toilet drain. The Antifa/BLM stuff in Portland is just the most visible symptom.

I recently met a group of people who could be described as Oregon refugees. They left Oregon because of the stupid and/or evil politics and took up residence in Idaho. Idaho is the fastest growing state in the union. The people I was talking to are living in travel trailers and mobile homes as they try to get their own homes built. They work in the construction industry and help fill the gap in construction workers. They own and/or rent heavy equipment and are skilled operators. I wish them well and welcome them to Idaho.—Joe]


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  1. The problem is that often these refugees flee their home states because of the miserable conditions but don’t have the common sense to grok the causes of those miserable conditions; then they’re aghast at the barbaric policies of their adopted home and vote for the very same policies that made the place they fled not fit to live in.

    That’s part of what happened to turn Virginia from solid red, to purple to blue within the space of about 20 years (I’ve lived in Virginia for 31 years, have had a front row seat to watch the slow motion train wreck and I’m looking to flee as soon as practical).

    • These particular refugees recognize the cause and welcome the return to a more sensible political environment.

  2. Watched Californians do the same to So. Oregon. Salem always was a corrupt shit-hole. But the south was a conservative bastion. Not any more.
    The live and let live policies of the locals was taken advantage of in a matter of minutes. By just a hand full liberals. Last year Kate burned it to the ground.
    If your in a community in Idaho. Fight like hell. As in no, you don’t need medical pot. No, your junkie grandson needs to go back to LA. Or jail.
    Sorry, petty crime isn’t tolerated.
    Why do we need Forest Circus when all they manage is to burn it to an ash pile? As most executive feds come from out of town.
    Sorry, the list is quite long. But if small town America doesn’t get a backbone. It will be looking like Dixie soon. Both 1866 and 2021 versions.(See Dixie fire.)

  3. It’s not new. About 15 years ago I was working in the Lake Washington School District as a math teacher. The head of curriculum for the district decided he wanted the math departments to put forward a plan to guarantee that ALL students in the district got through calculus by the time they graduated. You see, he read a paper talking about how people who got through calc in HS had great outcomes on average in college. Ergo, he “thought” that the proper course is to make sure everyone took math through calc, because if they did they would all have high rates of success in college. Yes, that was his actual logic. He was too much an ivory-tower academic to understand the difference between causation and correlation, cause and effect, as it applied to the real world.

    It took the math department heads a week or more to convince him it was a bad plan. I think they were just about ready to jump off a ledge before it was all over. And that’s a guy with a PhD, who is (or at least was) the #2 guy in the district for a while.

    • PhD in Education, right? That’s not a real degree. For the gory details, see Robert Heinlein’s essay on how to get a Ph.D (yes, in Education) without doing any actual work. It’s not entirely clear if that story is autobiographical; it may well be.
      The recipe he gives would almost certainly carry over trivially to any of the new fake scholarly fields that make up the core of woke academia — such as “x studies” for all x.

      • Like I told the last PhD I crossed. You get a PhD. by telling another PhD. what he wants to hear. Truth or bullshit.

        • One piece of Heinlein’s recipe was: two pages of citations from the papers of each of the thesis committee members; double that for the committee chairman.

  4. My wife and I describe ourselves as “political and economic refugees from the Soviet Socialist State of Minnesota”. Here in our new home in small-town Wyoming it usually gets a laugh. We had a beautiful, albeit small, home in the middle of the MN hive, South Minneapolis. We watched as the socialist-controlled government (the last R-wing mayor was in 1973) began the initially-slow process of utterly destroying the city. We both had good jobs; my engineering job was very specialized with only two companies in the US making the product that I designed.

    When I retired (my wife had already retired more than 10 years earlier) we knew with ripe dead certainty what would be happening, sooner or later, to (what had been) our city. We couldn’t get out fast enough. You can see now that Minneapolis is the new Detroit, with entire areas of “no-go” for police, and now huge swathes of burned-out buildings as a direct result of the governor and mayor actually supporting rioters.

    The important point has been made by others above. Before you welcome people to your decent, rule-of-law, clean streets, unlocked door community, make sure that they are REFUGEES, and not COLONIZERS.

    Refugees like ourselves do not seek to change the local and state cultures that made their new homes the place that it is. They embrace the cultures and attitudes (if, unlike us, they didn’t already have them) and try to learn to get along with liberty-minded people.

    Colonizers bring the same failed collectivist, statist, authoritarian attitudes and voting habits with them, and after having thoroughly shit the bed where they used to live, now seek to shit the bed where they’ve moved.

  5. The papacy banned the Bible for the same reasons, and later the various communist movements shunned “intellectuals” and even persecuted those who could read, even going so far as to round up and murder those who wore glasses under the assumption that they might use those glasses to read and thus become polluted with anti-authoritarian ideas. Again it’s the papal mentality, which says, “You needn’t bother yourself with learning because ‘We’ are here to tell you what to believe, how to think and how to behave. Any other ideas are therefore nothing but distractions, dangerous to ‘The Common Good’ of the people which ‘We’ represent”. I

    t doesn’t matter whether it’s practiced within a secular or a religious framework, it’s the same system which works the same either way.

    The great fear among the leaders and administrators of the Babylonian system (described above) is the discernment of the people. Babylon runs on presumption, false pretenses, and deception, and on using the glory of man, and the lure of easy and delicious living as bait to attract and to retain its members. It’s the old mob mentality. You can have the glorious benefits of our fellowship, or we’ll hammer you into the ground. You can have our silver or our lead.

    Welcome to Babylon. It is the anti-Christ system.

    Therefore a learned, healthy, capable, productive and discerning people represent the greatest threat to the system. If such a people understand the great controversy of this world, which is the controversy between satan’s counterfeit system and Christ’s true system, and accept the latter, then they are unstoppable.

    Be it known however that the enemy, being the instigator of it, knows all about this controversy perfectly well; every detail of world history, of science, logic, faith and of all the Scriptures. And so he has the advantage over practically all of us. Maintaining that advantage (keeping us ignorant, mal-educated and distracted) is therefore of utmost importance.

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