Quote of the day—Anne Stalfort @astalfort

I am 100% for getting rid of the Second Amendment

Anne Stalfort @astalfort
Tweeted on July 20, 2021
[That will happen sometime after she reanimates her cold dead fingers.

Just remember, no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. When you live in a world populated by unicorns dropping skittles, you have no need for the 2a.

    For the rest of us, however, it’s pretty damned important.

    Jeff B.

  2. Once again. Getting rid of the 2A doesn’t change gun ownership or the industry.
    As it’s a probation on government, law and enforcement.
    If somehow she mistakenly thinks that a law changes the circumstances of guns in America. I would have to point out that 2A is one of the most ignored laws on the books. Ignored mostly by her and her friends.
    So if she can ignore laws. Why can’t we?
    Sorry, I forgot were dealing Sandy Cortex Communists. Like old Charlie us to say: All you can do is knock it in the head. And throw it in a ditch.

  3. Well… the Second Amendment hasn’t been all that effective in its purpose. No truly unavoidable enforcement mechanism short of disestablishment of the government, see?

    I suppose we could replace it with a stronger version. Maybe one that treated any public servant attempt or implication to use the powers of their office for anything related to The People’s arms as an immediate and irrevocable statement of resignation and exclusion for all employment at public expense.

    OoooOoo-Ooooo! Maybe the new version could require annual registration to vote, and to do so you’ll have to either show up with your standard militia of longarm, sidearm, load bearing gear, basic ammo load, related tools and maintenance supply, etc, or a certificate that you’ve paid your annual alternative community defense tax (used to subsidize the provision of militia arms to the less fortunate).

    Thanks, Anne, we’re sure to get right on that!

    • There are already provisions, in 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242, for criminal prosecutions, prison sentences, and even death sentences for those attempting to undermine the constitutional rights of others. How much stronger can the mere words on paper become? We already have layers upon layers of laws, and all they do is undermine the original, which MUST seen as inadequate if one assumes that it needs to be “strengthened”.

      “How DARE YOU break that law!”, we invariably say, “Why, we’re going to respond by thinking about making yet another law! That’ll show you!” Lather, rinse, repeat. We’re talking just like the leftist agitators now, doing their work for them.

      And if the hearts of the people are focused on evil continually, and striving for evil, then what good can come from their being well armed and ready for combat? It is one thing to have a powerful army (all authoritarian systems have had them, some of them excellent) but it is another thing altogether to have an army for good. Too bad we don’t know what that looks like.

      Therefore, along with rationalizing away our constitution, the forces of evil have been hard at work, on all fronts, to demoralize, distract, confuse and corrupt the hearts of the people.

      And what happened to the Ten Commandments somewhere along the way in this Great Controversy? Are they now to be regarded as “inadequate”, necessitating their “strengthening” by addenda, by “updating” them, or by their abolishment? Or maybe we could just slowly forget them. Certainly the papacy has tried to re-write them. The supposed “Ten Commandments” that were displayed in stone at a government building, over which there was a notorious media controversy and court battle a few years ago, weren’t even the original Ten Commandments, but a corrupted version, surrounded even by esoteric, pagan symbology. And so even when we “fight for the Ten Commandments” we’re fighting for a counterfeit!

      Oh, such sweet evil, the left, the Romish forces, must work hard to keep their howls of laughter from our ears!

      Oh how clever our enemy that he has us fighting for his side while we’ve convinced ourselves we’re fighting for truth and justice, and even for God’s law! And we’re so stupefied that we call our enemy stupid while rationalizing the adoption of his ways!

  4. Who, pray tell, is Anne Stalfort? And why should her opinion be important to us?

    All I found online is that she is, apparently, an educator in Germany.

    I must say that, as uninterested as I usually am in a random person’s opinions on whether I have the right to keep and bear arms, I am even less interested in what the Germans have to say about it. It was within living memory that they disarmed their own people… and then massacred them. They have no leg to stand on here whatsoever.

    • Different Anne Stalfort. (My obsessive-compulsiveness kicked in and I researched.) This one is apparently:

      “Biden Harris 2020! Democrat, Hillary supporter, voting on climate change, way more gun control, and social justice. Root for the Orioles and Ravens.” She retweets MSNBC, Occupy Democrats, CNN Politics, and lots of people throwing around the word “fascism” as if it wasn’t what they themselves engage in.

      In other words, a walking, talking stereotype. Dime-a-dozen, if you’re into that sorta thing and don’t mind giving up a dime.

  5. Let’s get rid of the 19th first and see if there is still any voter support for gun control.

    America didn’t have a gun problem until after the 19th.

    • They also tend toward preferring the establishment of an authoritarian government, as it fits with their biological desire for support for them and their offspring: a Strong Man, with Money.

      This is the primary reason to forbid women voting, as you almost always end up with a socialist type system, apparently. That is why the Prog/Dems supported the 19th. With enough schooling/training, you can limit the effect, but not eliminate it.

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