Point: Counterpoint

I think I detect some hostility in the response.

Perhaps the anger clouded his thinking and this is why they limited the probable response to the unvaccinated. I am inclined to believe there are vaccinated people who also regard authoritarian activities as worthy of a similar response.


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  1. (A counterpoint and a point may be, and often are, a dialectic; a play, as it were, or mechanism, for the purpose of affecting a specific outcome.)

    It does seem a bit hostile, but then we are talking about the abomination of desolation: The anti-Christ Roman, Greek, Medo-Persian, Babylonian system, the top-down, hierarchical authoritarian, basking-in-the-glory-of-Man system that is taking over the world. It’s a mindset that institutionalizes wholesale murder in the name of the “common good”, and it’s hard not to hate it. It’s difficult not to want to slaughter every sucker, chump and self-important sloucher, and every pig feeding off of the public trough, who falls for the lies of that system and thus upholds and sustains it, and then to go after their leaders, hunting them down around the world, dragging them out of their spider-holes and taking our time, paying special attention to them and their families even unto seven generations, but unfortunately in that case, to be consistent and thorough, we’d have to slaughter ourselves and our families too. We’re among those unfortunate chumps.

    The polar opposite of all of that is Christ;
    Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34 KJV (And forgive me too, for I have lived among them and adopted their ways). I would pray for justice but the implications toward my person.

    Jesus also said, to his disciples, “The kings of the gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so…” Luke 22:25

    Thus Jesus completely and utterly discredits, dismisses and opposes any and all worldly authoritarian systems, including the United States, but most especially the institution of the papacy which does its authoritarian evil even in the name of Christ!

    And so, in the Romish universal system, we are dealing not only with an illogical and unscientific system doomed to destruction for that reason alone, not only with a system of towering greed, wholesale larceny and burning power-lust, all artfully disguised as selflessness and goodwill and presented as scientific at the same time, but with an apostate system, set up specifically as a replacement of God’s word, God’s law and God’s plan of salvation from all of this.

  2. Thesis: Authoritarians suggest brute force against all dissenters, seeming to relish the thought of engaging in creative humiliation of their foes.

    Antithesis: Libertarians suggest more brute force against them, seeming likewise to relish the thought of engaging in creative torture.

    Synthesis: ?

    What comes out of that is anyone’s guess, but judging, such as I’m able, from the mindset of the people I don’t see any good coming from it; just a lot of slaughter and darkness with the same old controversy waiting at the end of all the killing, still as unresolved as ever.

    And don’t forget the mark of Cain which, I assert, is still in effect in the world.

    “Vengeance is mine”, says the Lord.

  3. We’re coming for your children . AKA SFGMC . Aesops right . Time for nut bustin’.

  4. And if everyone would have watched Rolf’s videos on the subject. Especially the one with Dr. David Martin. (A patents doctor for international investment groups.) They would know Dr. Fuaci tried to patent mRNA as a vaccine long ago. And was denied by everyone from the medical community to the patents office. Because mRNA does NOT CURE ANYTHING.
    Everyone is still unvaccinated against covid. But a lot of people have been injected with a money-maker for the rich and evil.
    Watch the video. You’ll start to understand just how evil.

      • That’s the one. Thanks Will. If this video doesn’t crush our delusions about the system of evil running the world. We truly are lost. And have lost.

  5. I got the vax.

    I support the choice of anyone who didn’t.

    And authoritarians can kiss my rosy red vaccinated butt.

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