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The polarization of opinion on Israel that we are witnessing in American politics between Republicans who support Israel and Democrats who oppose Israel, is an expression of a much larger division within American society. The heartbreaking but undeniable fact is that today you can’t talk about “America” as a single political entity.

Today there are two Americas, and they cannot abide by one another. One America – traditional America – loves Israel and America. The other America – the New America – hates Israel and doesn’t think much of America, either.

Traditional America believes that the U.S. brought the promise of liberty to the world and that even though it is far from perfect, the United States is the greatest country in human history. In the eyes of the citizens of Traditional America, Israel is a kindred nation and the U.S.’s best friend and most valued ally in the Middle East.

New America, in contrast, believes that America was born in the sin of slavery. New Americans insist America will remain evil and an object of scorn at home and abroad so long it refuses to exchange its values of liberty, capitalism, equal opportunity and patriotism with the values of racialism and equity, socialism, equality of outcomes, and globalization. For New Americans, just as the U.S. was born in the sin of white supremacy so Israel was born in the sin of Zionism. In New America, Israel will have no right to exist so long as it clings to its Jewish national identity, refusing to become a “state of all its citizens.”

Caroline Glick
May 28, 2021
Dark Clouds: Google, Amazon, Israel and the New America
[Via email from Paul K.

In recent months, more so than in previous years, it has been made more and more clear the conflict of visions (no, not this conflict of visions) may be irreconcilable via peaceful means. One vision is of collective rights, planning, and responsibility. The other is of individual rights, planning, and responsibility.

This collective rights and collective responsibility inevitably lead to individual injustice. The process of achieving equality of outcomes because a moral imperative and an easy sale to many people. Today we have calls for reparations. Even if this were conceded it would not end. Distribution of property equally or according to need will follow. Some time after that would be the demands for retribution. And so it would continue until the final true equality is clearly in sight and a remaining majority, or powerful enough minority, put a stop true equality.

The bottom line is that achieving equality of outcomes becomes an unending task because:

Full equality comes with death. And it should come as no surprise the political left is well acquainted with death on a very large scale.

This is the unspoken promise of the collective vision. Today, the collective vision is making itself more visible and more insistent on making “progress”.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


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  1. So does this mean that Rs in Blue areas should move to Red areas and vice versa? Is this even a solution given the global reach of culture and economic forces?

    For example,, will JBS, Amazon, GE, Google, .Disney, .. also split? How about the internet and global trade? .

    • I think it’s been said before, no matter where you go. The left is going to follow. They’re not able to survive without a host to support them.
      Large corporations will start serving their customers again when it becomes obvious they also will not survive the ignorance parasite either.
      It seems people and corporations follow perceived strength. We look weak. We act weak. They are weak. But don’t look that way.
      If Trump and Biden have shown America anything. It’s how fast things can turn around.
      I could be wrong. But I don’t see the Satanic commies lasting much longer. The core of America just won’t abide it.

      • I agree, I don’t see separation as very viable solution.

        And I hope you are right about them not lasting much longer, but it feels like we are in the early days of reconstruction and they have the upper hand. We’re going to pay and pay for diversity and equity in terms of freedom and cost of living.

        Even if we somehow manage to kick the bums out, lasting damage has already been done that will impact us for years to come.

        • I’m of the mind their control will last as long as they can maintain the veneer of civility.
          But background check information tells the story of it wearing thin and peeling quickly.
          Just because their loud doesn’t mean there’s a lot of them.
          Also, if the master plan is just to reduce us as a world power. It’s almost complete.
          Russia moving out of all dollar transactions today is a giant tell. More countries will follow.
          The damage will be severe. But we have a solid foundation on which to rebuild.
          It’s the Sat-conned that are in real trouble.

      • The Left will always follow. Not just because they can’t survive without a host (as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, pointed out, “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”), but also because they cannot stand anyone living and thriving outside their control; it puts the lie to every claim that their ideology is the only one that meets everyone’s needs.

        Dissent must be snuffed out, opposing ideas must be silenced, and truth must be replaced with lies. That’s the only way socialism survives, and so that’s what they do.

        They will not — they cannot — leave you alone.

        As our host says, Prepare accordingly.

  2. The oft-repeated dialog from Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises:

    “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.
    “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

    I’ve seen companies collape almost overnight, even been working for a couple when they did. Conditions change, the economy shifts, people’s attitudes, or desires, shift, money flows decline, there are multitudes of causes for continued operation to become untenable.

    From the inside you can see it, if you’re paying attention, and it does follow that steepening curve of “gradually, then suddenly.” And, usually, there’s a flurry of frenzied activity to avoid the disaster just before it strikes.

    I have a sense, a small one, that the American left is in the “frenzied activity” stage, and a few of them hear the faint sound of the falls approaching in the distance, although most are just enjoying the pleasant boat ride.
    Fauci, and everyone around or even slightly associated with him and his activities, has only hours left before credibility goes deeply, deeply negative, which will quickly metastasize to all levels of government as the “anointed set” abandons the basic security citizens depend on them for; only the thoroughly indoctrinated do not see Biden’s severe inadequacies and Harris’ incompetence, and; only the very well off don’t fear the weekly supermarket adventure or the home center.

    Critical mass is building, following the traditional course of all Preference Cascades: Slowly at first, then very suddenly, just like Hemingway’s bankruptcy progression. May, which ended a few days ago, set a record for gun sales, which, if supplies hold out, will be beaten in June (and despite the financial, personnel and organizational complications, ammunition manufacturers who are not already having conversations with realtors over land, architects over design, contractors over building and suppliers over materials, will find themselves left behind in a year or two; one does not need a PhD in Tea Leaf Reading to discern the very substantial increases in ammunition demand gun sales over the past 18 months, and the next 6-12, portends).

    All of which points directly to many Americans increasingly realizing that individual independence, sustainability, and resilience matters, and it’s not a big reach from there to deciding “if I’m taking care of myself, why do I need any of those people?” Official Washington can safely be left behind their patrolled fence, they’ll be superfluous, a theatrical performance only for each other.

    We’re certainly not there yet, but I think I may be able to see parts of it from here. Don’t stop working toward the goal, and provide what assistance you can to those traveling the path with you.

    • Good post. I’d like to think that we’ll come to our senses, but I doubt it. Fauci seems to have been caught red handed but only Fox is carrying the email dump story.

      I sense that everybody else will double down defending his agency actions that led to a half million deaths in the US and many more in the world. And he’ll get a slap on wrist by not getting royalties from his book and will continue as our top Doctor and best paid official.

      Just as no lemming can stop the mad rush over the cliffs, it seems that we too are destine to rush over our own cliffs.

      PS. The blame for all of this is not solely Fauci’s. Bill Gates and the other tech CEOs are also responsible as are the many elites that have more money than they know what to do with. And it is not just those that are responsible – most of us have contributed in small ways over our lifetimes. We have met the enemy and he is us. Our success in tech has enabled the collapse of our civilization.

      Where is the vengeful God when we need him?

      • “Fauci seems to have been caught red handed but only Fox is carrying the email dump story.” And: ” Think about what it will take to hold down almost every metro area and how long we would have to do.”

        On the Fauci situation, give it time; MSM addicts will probably not hear about it, but there will be enough “information scatter” to eventually bring everyone else up to speed, and some of that will seep into the lives of even the MSM-only.

        As for “holding down the metro areas,” first, I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by that. If it’s “maintain that geopolitical island in a mode of individuals’ independence, sustainability, and resilience” then, yes, it’s probably impossible, or at least a more difficult problem than it would be worth to correct.

        But why worry about cities at all? At the moment, they’re in the process of hollowing out all by themselves as some people discover the highly camoflauged degree of untenability from which cities suffer: when everything works, and works reasonably well, there’s great convenience to city living. Unfortunately, it takes only a little sand in the gears to radically change that.

        I’d expect cities to shrink, initially, specifically, those with a “reason to live” remaining at or slightly above a certain size (Pittsburgh, for example, back when “steel was king,” or Detroit when the American auto industry ruled the roost; those days, alas, are long gone, but other reasons for urban, or semi-urban, survival exist, Silicon Valley, for example, or Musk’s Boca Chica becoming a portal to space).

        At some point, should political, social, educational and economic fortunes shift enough to make a large enough percentage of the people understand Leftism as the fatal leprosy it is, cities may – to some degree – become revitalized. We won’t see that, but perhaps our younger children may. In the meantime, unless cities offer a sufficient advantage in all areas of life, society and the economy, just “drive around them” in every sense of “drive around.”

  3. The Left is not going to collapse on it’s own. The Soviet Union which was far more repressive, so far, lasted 73 years. The Left may try to follow us, though my theory is that they will be more concerned with dealing with their own problems. For examples, of following opponents when they try to run away look at the Boers, the Mormons and large numbers of Indian tribes. All of these involved a massive power differential. Counter-examples are more in the realm of political separation. It’s been a long time since Britain tried to reconquer the US or the US tried to conquer Canada.

    But if they do try, it will be much easier to rally our troops against an external enemy than against an internal one. Even today, many conservatives and most non-political normals don’t get that we are at war.

    So Glick is right and not just about Israel. You can have the National Divorce before or after (if we win) CW2. And even if we win, the republic is dead because of what we will have to do to win. Think about what it will take to hold down almost every metro area and how long we would have to do. By way of comparison, Reconstruction after CW1 was only maintained for 12 years after which it was business as usual.

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  5. The government can only guarantee equality in three ways – to make the people equally poor, equally miserable, or equally dead. History shows that every government which has tried to enforce equality has ended up in the same place. Regardless, each new generation births new firebrands convinced they can do it right where those before them failed. And when they too fail, they will blame those they were convinced they could help. Our moral betters grow to hate the very people they purported to pull out of the muck and mud of life. In turn, they justify the most abhorrent atrocities to themselves because they are doing it for our own good. In their eyes, we earned what they do to us.

    Ultimately, the only true equality government has ever been able to create is the equality of the grave.

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