Why are anti-gun people so violent?

Yesterday morning I got a phone call. It went something like this:

Caller (voice of a young woman): Is this Joe Huffman?
Joe: Yes.
Caller: I’m <full name>. I live in <state>. You have a tweet of mine on your blog. It says, “<two sentences giving insight into why the right to keep and bear arms is important>”. I still believe that. But even though I have deleted my twitter account people are still able to connect me with that tweet. I’m getting a lot of hate mail and death threats because of that. I’m only <age> years old. I can’t really deal with this. Can you remove that blog post?
Joe: I’m in meeting at work right now. If you will send me an email with a link to the blog post so I can find it easily I’ll take it down later today. Can you do that?
Caller: Yes. I can do that. Thank you sir.

This was the email thread:

Sent: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 10:19 AM
To: blog@joehuffman.org

Link to the post  <deleted>

From: Joe Huffman
Wednesday, June 2, 2021 11:21 AM

The post is now gone.

It so terrible that something like this would generate so much hate.

If it would be of any use to you I can go through my log files and find the IP addresses of everyone (or during certain time frames) who viewed this blog post. Cyber security professionals (this is what I do) working with the police can use this information to (in most, but not all cases) find the person behind the IP address.


Joe Huffman
Cell: 208-301-4254
Blog: https://blog.joehuffman.org/

Sent: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 11:22 AM
Joe Huffman

Thank you so much for your help sir.

I find it very telling that both the anti-gun people are sending out death threats and that they are targeting a woman so young she cannot legally purchase a handgun rather than me.

Why are they so violent? It’s part of their nature.

Why are they targeting a young woman with her right to keep and bear arms infringed by the government rather than me? That is a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. And this gives us all the information we need to know about what they will do if we are disarmed.

I wish I could reproduce that tweet without increasing her risk. Her experience demonstrates the accuracy of her tweet.

Prepare appropriately.


13 thoughts on “Why are anti-gun people so violent?

  1. This question gets much easier if you turn it around and ask, “why are violent people so anti-gun?”

    It’s probably more accurate too. I have known several apparently non violent people who consider themselves anti-gun because they’ve swallowed some piece of false logic.

    • Good point. Another way of putting it is “why are criminals anti-gun” (meaning: against honest people being armed)? The answer is obvious from the question…

  2. Disturbing, but not surprising; their history indicates it’s routine.

    As to the original question – “Why are anti-gun people so violent?” – what else are they violent about, if anything? Those of us in the firearms community, or at least, some of us, see it often, but are there other areas where people of similar psychological makeup so easily default to violent solutions?

    I haven’t heard of beagle affecianados threatening violence upon cocker spaniel owners, or people favoring center-hall colonial architecture threatening to burn down split levels, but I’m far enough away from those areas to be completely ignorant of them.

    I do hear of road rage incidents, fights at gas pumps, and dissatisfaction over schooling proposals becoming physical, etc., but is the hatred and threat of physical violence toward pro-gun people unique, or just “the high point on the graph” of general violence?

  3. I was going to say I felt a RCOB moment coming on, but no, this isn’t like that. This is worse. It’s cold. I can feel the machine in my heart whispering to me, demanding that these people be expunged — not out of hate but because they are a cancer in society.

    And every time I hear about something like this, that whisper gets a little louder and I want to listen to it a little more.

  4. I wonder if this could be used as a honey-pot trap. Make a page that will show up in search engine results as the name and tweet of the person in question, but with an JavaScript onload script, rewrite the DOM so the original content is not there, but an explanation that the individual in question has been receiving death threats, and the searcher’s search terms, source IP address and other identifying information have been logged for law enforcement purposes.

    • Technically it would appear to be mostly possible but easily defeated. The user agent or possibly an IP range for Google/Bing/whatever search bots could be used to distinguish between search engines and individuals. The main problem would be the cached version of the page created by the search bots. Even now, with the post completely gone, if you know what to search for you can see the original post in Google’s cache. This should disappear in a week or four, but with your honeypot plan I don’t think it would never go away.

      Also, a minor point but, Google completely eliminated the accessibility of the search query to the website several years ago.

  5. Their not actually. They just talk like they are. Most people only like violence on TV. (Nobody likes getting punched in the throat.)
    That being said, the next best form of violence they like is the herd variant. BLM, Antitifa, or someone punching some old woman.
    But showing up one on one. Without major odds in their favor???? That’s why they hate guns.
    A person with only a small amount of instruction and practice, the right mind set. Can step out of a car and drop a baker’s dozen protesters in as many seconds.
    Totally destroying the the intended propose of said riots.
    Just one person. Imagine Kyle Rittenhouse without the nice guy persona?
    Let alone someone that actually trains to the use of weapons.
    And folks, there just isn’t that many of them. And their to far behind the curve to catch up. In a nut shell.
    They hate guns, because their scared of you.
    Joe, maybe you should tell her. Now she knows what it feels like to be dangerous.

    • Not disagreeing exactly, but Judging them to be nonviolent because they lack the will to do it personally is dangerous. Many people are willing to do violence by proxy because it’s safer and easier for them.

      There are people who wish to be nonviolent who are anti gun and get by on some bit of internalized false logic that avoids recognizing the damage they do. I very much doubt these are the ones trying to intimidate Joe’s mystery caller.

      • Your absolutely right. The one’s harassing Joe’s friend are probably part of the Chinese 50 cent army. (50 cents per comment).
        But just like every movement. There’s not that many hard case street fighters in it. And par typical. These go after the little girl. On line no less.
        Face to face? Not so much.

  6. I’m horrified that anti-gun people would go to the extent of death threats, but not surprised.

    Over here, we had rallies for gun control after Dunblane. One of them invited a firearms expert to speak against the proposed ban. The GCN, the gun control group pushing for a ban had representatives there who shouted the expert down as a “Gunman!” and forced him off the stage. He didn’t get to speak.

    I’ve lurked on a gun control and RKBA discussion group on a left-wing forum since just before the AWB expired. One of the antis there tried to claim he would beat up anyone who was CCWing near him and he expected to get away with it if he specifically told them he wasn’t going to kill them, since there was no actual threat to their life. Still not sure if he was banned or he actually claimed his Darwin Award.

  7. I suspect many of these violent anti-gun types go through a thought process like this:

    “Those gun carriers are super-scary. I fully expect one will go nuts next to me and start shooting everybody, because that’s what I assume I would do if there was nothing to stop me.”

    “This is scary. I need to keep from being hurt by striking out first. How dare these people make me so scared?”

    “If I could, I would strike out at the people making me scared. Not with a gun, of course. But I’d make it nasty and painful and bloody and vengeful, out of spite for me being afraid for so long. This feels powerful! I like it!”

    I can remember not yet having a driver’s license, and wondering, if I was driving a car, what would stop me from having a bad case of what-the-heck and driving off the road into a ravine. The thought scared me. But I have had a driver’s license since 1987, and I have never done that, not once. My fear felt real at the time, but it was misplaced.

    I suspect many anti-gunners, never having owned a gun but having watched them endlessly on TV, fear them in similar fashion.

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