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Small-minded, even ignorant people see salvation in controlling the minds and lives of others. Is it a mass delusion that they believe they are actually “fighting racism,” that they’re doing this for white people’s own good? Or are these the same efforts at control that have been around since humans created civilizations?

Rick Moran
February 20, 2021
‘Critical Race Theory’ Costs a Brave Smith College Whistleblower Her Job
[There are alphas in most social animals so I expect the answer is that control of others has extremely deep genetic roots which go well beyond the first human civilizations.

And of course “racism” is just the current tool of choice in our country. In other times and places the tool was chosen to match a vulnerable target. Classic example from early in the 20th Century are Hitler with the Jewish (and other) people while Stalin had Trotsky, counter revolutionaries, capitalists, etc.

In the U.S., in addition to “racism”, some of the tools of control are “climate change”, “equality”, “social justice”, etc. And those tools are used against the political right. Don’t believe for a second it is actual racism they believe they are fighting. If that were the case you wouldn’t have people talking about multiracial Whiteness. Or claiming that asking students to show their work in class is “white supremacy”. These two examples are just the beginning of what is to come.

History is full of examples to provide hints as to how this may turn out. If the people who would be masters get their way, as they did in the USSR, the bar to pass the purity tests will continually raise. Even now things like the “master” branch in software version control, and “whitelists” and “blacklists” have come under attack. And non-trivial amounts of resources are being expended to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the power hungry.

Each victory for these people increases their thirst for more. They get a thrill from it. Even a “high”. They absolutely love it and in more candid moments admit this. Such people need to be stood up to because the end game is far worse then standing up to them now.

Here is one brave woman standing up:

If she can do it so can you.—Joe]


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  1. Everything a Leftist does is either to gain power, or to weaken their enemies. Everything. Words are tools. Ideas are weapons. Influence is power.

  2. “Climate Change” is the big one, with the goals, premises and pretenses set out in exquisite detail in the Anti-Christ’s encyclical, Laudato Si. Those goals, premises and pretenses are being embraced by virtually all the government and industry leaders around the world, so if you want more detail, and to better understand the style (which is brilliant) you’d best read the whole bloody thing. Your former boss, Bill Gates is all in on the climate pretense as well.

    The term “Climate Lockdowns”, which we were talking about last summer although not in those exact words, is now being bandied about, as is the notion of citizen informers, including children informing on parents. It started with the notion of “giving the environment a day of rest” (Sunday of course) just a few months ago and now it’s “Climate Lockdowns” with the added side bar of child informers.

    Things are moving quickly. I broached the subject of the “spending down of credibility capital” to my state rep yesterday, and it think it may be an important indicator to consider. All governments and most major institutions are now in the process of spending the last remnants of their credibility, and I believe that this points to an end game in process. I see a possible culmination of Progressivism (incremental revolution), where all capital is now spent as necessary, rather than slowly building it, or trying to maintain it, and so on. In other words, this is looking like a final push. For what good is their now failing credibility unless they can spend it, as much of it and as quickly as required, in order to purchase their goals?

    For a more detailed understanding of what’s coming, it may be worth going back and listening to a couple more of Yuri Besmenov’s lectures. He was a Soviet propaganda and cultural subversion agent until he defected to the West

    And you’d best try to understand the Book of Revelation while you’re at it. It’s difficult, mainly because of how grossly misrepresented it’s been, but it can be done, with help.

    Right, so the global fascists (because you’re tired of me saying “Romish forces” and the like, although there’s no difference) are spending their credibility and they now have two or more generations of very well indoctrinated retards, ideological believers (useful idiots), ready to go. If they don’t “pounce” quickly they could start to lose their momentum. But they are acting quickly.

    Of course it’ll have to include far more suppression of speech.

  3. There are and have always been some people in all societies who have an inherent need to control others. Whether it’s genetic, environmental or what may be a subject for debate but their existence is not. They lust for power. And power is probably the MOST addictive thing to the human psyche…..at least for these types of people. More powerful than any drug. Such people, like drug addicts, will literally DO ANYTHING to achieve and expand their power over others. Unless a society has mechanisms in place AND the will to USE those mechanisms these people always push their quest for power to the limit causing untold pain, suffering and harm to all they cross paths with.

    We as a society no longer punish people who seek and abuse power. We give them more power. And we are now paying the ugly ugly price for that mistake.

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