Quote of the day—Zaid Jilani @ZaidJilani

Some schools in Oregon are being informed that asking students in math class to “show their work” is “white supremacy.” What exactly would happen if this faction got its way and all American classrooms are like this?


Zaid Jilani @ZaidJilani
Tweeted on February 14, 2021
[What if thousands of parents demanded the people who wrote, approved, or distributed this be fired and their names and pictures be published?—Joe]


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  1. White supremacy?!?!
    How about this quote from an educator that I associate with VERY closely, “show your work so that I can figure out where you went stupid.”

  2. Most of the creators are a collection of communist California education NGO’s. Also thanks go to the generous donation by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.
    It’s all useless of course. Every race knows math quite well. I’ve worked in construction with every race on the planet. And if you short their check. You’ll not only find out about their math skills. You’ll also find out they can speak english after all!

  3. Labeling math as “RACISSSS!!!! is how you get bridges that fall down before they are even finished……as in the Pedestrian Bridge collapse at FIU in Miami.

  4. *As groups*, black and hispanic kids don’t do as good at math as asians and whitees. Some might think that the schools blacks and hispanics go to are lousy. But those are run by democrats and teacher’s unions, so we can’t talk about that. Some might think that different groups have different propensities. But we’re not even allowed to think about that. So what’s left? Destroy all objective standards, so that “underperformance” is no longer visible. Out of sight, out of mind.

    As a side benefit, this postmodernist drivel will rot the brains of everybody sane that is exposed to it. And it will be a litmus test: any teacher declaring the nudity of this emporer can be discarded as “not with the program”.

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