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With HR127 being brought forward in early February of 2021, somebody tipped me off to a very small page where the phrase of the Second Amendment was being censored.  So we tried to replicate what we saw with an experiment. On Monday the 15th of February, First I posted a screenshot of the censored post, and it was fact-checked and censored behind the fact-check wall. Then I took a screenshot of the actual Second Amendment on Google and the same thing happened.

They were trying to tie it back to some misquoting of George Washington. They were saying the Second Amendment was fact-checked as not true.

1776 United
February 18, 2021
1776 United: Censoring the Second Amendment
[Emphasis added.

Perhaps, in their reality, it doesn’t actually exist. I’m okay with that. But their friends and relatives really should see that they get the help they need rather than letting them let them cause others harm when they are experiencing such delusions.—Joe]


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  1. Yeah, that sort of mindset was famously common in Germany in the 1930s; “Oh they just like to talk big” or “They’d never really act on it” or “They just like to parade around and feel important” and so on.

    And so, who are the ones that are really in denial; those who think of themselves as something akin to libertarians, or those who favor the Romish, top-down control, central planning model? Which side has been making progress for over 100 years and which side has been losing?

    Given the fact that a deadly mindset of control, disruption, intervention and murder has been a known constant in the world for all of recorded history, I’d have to say that if anyone is delusional or in denial it is more likely us, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve let it get this far.

    If you build your house on sand, and if it gets washed away by a hard rain storm, is it the rain’s fault, or yours? Do you shake your fists at the sky and call it insulting names, or do you re-examine your engineering choices? Do you tell yourself that, since your house survived a few hard rain storms before, then its engineering is sound, and therefore the next storm which takes it away is to blame and not you?

    Of course I speak of the entire nation, even the entire (former) Western, Judeao/Christian Civilization and not any one person.

    We’ve let the pirates come in and live side-by-side with us, and then we let them worm their way into all of our critical institutions. They educated us, and they educate our children, and so of course we’re going to have a serious problem. The Philistines are now running our media, our legislative bodies, and our courts, even believing themselves to be legitimate and that we are illegitimate!

    And all of that happened before the parents of this generation were born. The mechanism by which it happened, by the way, is the same as always; compromise, by “moderates”, you know; those who think of themselves as the adults in the room, as the “pragmatists” who reflexively “set us straight” every time we uphold the fundamental principles. They’ve been the undoing of every righteous nation or civilization ever. We’ve essentially invited it.

    So of course this is going to happen. How could it be otherwise? And why complain about it now?

  2. Leftism is properly defined as the abject denial of the existence of reality.

    Everything a Leftist does is either to gain power, or to weaken their enemies.

  3. The left and their accomplices TRULY do not believe that the 2nd Amendment…nor ANYTHING written in the Constitution actually means what the words say. NO words mean what they say UNLESS those words serve the needs and agenda of the left. That is simply their outlook on history and our society. Therefore they have zero qualms about ignoring the Constitution and violating our rights. Because quite simply they DO NOT BELIEVE that we actually HAVE rights. And they are correct in that assumption so far because they have violated our rights to the extent that they no longer exist. The nasty reality of freedom and “rights” is this…..
    You only have the freedom, the rights, that you are willing to fight for, die for and most importantly KILL FOR. Till the people ignoring and destroying our rights start dying they have NO REASON to stop what they are doing….and therefore they won’t.

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