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Rooted in America’s ugly history of white supremacy, indigenous dispossession and anti-blackness, multiracial whiteness is an ideology invested in the unequal distribution of land, wealth, power and privilege — a form of hierarchy in which the standing of one section of the population is premised on the debasement of others. Multiracial whiteness reflects an understanding of whiteness as a political color and not simply a racial identity — a discriminatory worldview in which feelings of freedom and belonging are produced through the persecution and dehumanization of others.

In the post-Trump era, the challenge will be to prevail over the extremism of Trump’s White majority while trying to prevent the politics of whiteness from becoming an increasingly multiracial affair.

Cristina Beltrán
January 15, 2021
To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness
[See also what Ed Driscoll has to say about this.

Just as it was in the USSR there is an ever changing, ever increasing, level of purity required by the political left. Their creativity has no limits. The absurdity is applauded, not scorned, because it allows them to continue their programs of hate and destruction. The exercise of power intoxicates them and they will say and do whatever they must to feed and justify their addiction.

This is our future.

If gender doesn’t depend upon biology then what makes you think whiteness depends on skin color?

Try to keep up comrade. Be thankful that today it is just being doxed and deplatformed. Soon, if you don’t understand these things as they have been revealed, you will be spending time in a reeducation center having things such as this explained to you in much simpler terms.—Joe]


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  1. How many words and pseudo-academic vocabu-vomit can they invent just to encompass and justify the concept of “people who are not on board with our political program and will eventually have to be eliminated if they don’t get on board”?

    All of them. They will invent and redefine all the words. By permitting language to be infinitely malleable in their Progressive hands only, everyone gets the message to get on their knees, stay there, and the destruction may pass you by. Although that last part is definitely a lie in the long run.

    • “definitely a lie in the long run”. Yes, and in fact even with respect to the people spouting the lie. They invariably get killed by their more ruthless successors, as Stalin and Pot Pol and Mao so clearly demonstrated. Of course, in that case “think of it as evolution in action” very much applies.

  2. They only want Peace and Unity don’t you know.

    It’s all part of a centuries old war against the Protestant world. After suffering brutal persecution for centuries, the Protestant Reformation had dealt a deadly blow against the Roman system, culminating in 1798 with the dissolution of the papacy as a political entity by Napoleon. But the deadly wound was healed with the help of the Fascists under Benito Mussolini in the 1930s. The Roman system was further revitalized in the 1980s by Ronald Reagan,who established the first U.S. diplomatic relations with the Vatican, an act which, only a generation earlier would have been unthinkable and utterly intolerable.

    Today, the Reformers and their amazing history have been all but forgotten, and their principles abandoned, and along with them goes the freedom, liberty and prosperity of Western Civilization.

    It’s an almost shockingly simple and obvious formula. Hold tight to the bedrock fundamentals and principles of liberty, even God’s perfect law of liberty, and no power on earth can take you down. Abandon the fundamentals in favor of…whatever you’ve made up on your own (we can always use “pragmatism” as the main example but the variations of examples are endless) and no power on earth can save you from the inevitable ruin. It’s like committing suicide; if you’re determined to do it no one can stop you.

    You can play word games and toss all the fancy word salads you wish, invoke scientific principles, the authority of title, and even mathematics, and it’ll never change that simple formula.

    Now that we, having abandoned our principles as a nation, are ceding to, supporting and even co-implementing the re-emergence of the global pre-eminence of Rome, you might as well know in advance where that’s taking us. You must always study history, but that’s fraught with revisions, omissions, and contradicting interpretations. Then look at Rome’s own plans and prescriptions, in Rome’s own words. They have blueprints for your future, and they’re busy as bees implementing those blueprints as sit in confusion over what they’re doing. To see your future then, know some history, sure, but read the bloody blueprints. I’d recommend starting with Laudato Si.

  3. This is going to be over quicker than I thought. If they could be isolated, it would be over even quicker.
    I mean one hears insane. And shrugs. But these ones are totally gone already. And are truly planning to implement something that will be the ending of communism in America.
    A 100 million armed citizens. That mostly have done nothing but work their asses off. And are the least racist people on the face of the earth. Are going to follow the likes of the Washington post telling them their criminals?
    Me thinks a backfire is about to happen.
    They would have you believe that without the welfare case next door. We wouldn’t be able to have the society we have? The welfare case is only poor because you stole it from him? So we need the government to bring in more welfare cases and steal from your table to pay the welfare cases back for what you stole from them? Somehow they think we can all just get along with that kind of insanity running the show?
    Not with this many guns in the mix.

  4. Interesting to me is the ever-expanding definition of “white”.

    We’ve known for some time now that to the Left, “white == bad”. But now it seems that any success an individual achieves is due to “whiteness”, regardless of the skin color, hardships suffered, or challenges overcome by that individual.

    It is the ultimate natural conclusion of “intersectionalism”. Whiteness is bad. Success is bad. Therefore, success is due to whiteness and is bad. But whereas before, rejection was a “both-and” — the worst people were both white AND successful — now rejection has shifted to an “either-or”; if you are white OR successful, you’re out.

    Now that rejection is an “either-or” proposition, more and more people will be pigeon-holed into that group and fewer and fewer will be acceptable — I predict it’s not long before simply having a job, no matter how menial or degrading, is too much “privilege”.

    Excepting, of course, Leftist politicians, who are accepted as Allies no matter how white and wealthy they are. “Intersectionality for thee, not for me.”

    • It’s more than that. The new definition seems to be that if you’re (a) successful, or (b) not left-extremist, you’re “white”. It doesn’t matter what your actual biology is, for their ideological purposes you’re classified as white. That’s why they have to invent insane terminology like “multiracial whiteness”.

  5. I’m sorry. My white guilt got buried at Gettysburg, Christina.. Same as slavery.

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