Quote of the day—Angelo Codevilla

I noted that this revolution’s logic leads to no logical end. That is because “the logic that drives each turn of our revolutionary spiral is Progressive Americans’ inherently insatiable desire to exercise their superiority over those they deem inferior.” Its force, I observed, “comes not from the substance of the Progressives’ demands,” but rather “from that which moves, changes, and multiplies their demands without end. That is the Progressives’ affirmation of superior worth, to be pursued by exercising dominance: superior identity affirmed via the inferior’s humiliation.” Affirmation of one’s own superiority by punishing inferiors is an addictive pleasure. It requires ever stronger, purer doses of infliction, and is inherently beyond satisfaction.

Angelo Codevilla
September 23, 2020
Revolution 2020
[Via Kevin.

As Codevilla pointed out this is a Stalinist revolution because of the top down nature of it. And as he points out here, “Affirmation of one’s own superiority by punishing inferiors is an addictive pleasure.” There is a deadly psychology here which I have described before.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Angelo Codevilla

  1. Thanks for posting that, Joe… would never have seen it, had you not.
    What a powerful essay … especially prescient, having been written Oct 2018.

    It shows us where we’ve been, how we got here, and, I think, a very dangerous way out.

    Or else, like Russia, we just go along, powerless to change it, for the next 70 years.

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